The Cardiovascular Research Institute at Mount Sinai

About Us

The Cardiovascular Research Institute at Mount Sinai is committed to bringing a wide spectrum of disciplines and approaches to bear on questions about cardiovascular health and disease. Investigators at the Institute have established local, national, and international collaborations aimed at accelerating progress in the battle against heart disease, which is the leading cause of mortality worldwide.

Groundbreaking Discoveries That Translate to Therapies

Our research seeks to better understand how lifestyle factors such as sleep, diet, exercise, and stress influence immune, metabolic, and nervous systems in cardiovascular disease. Seeking to understand how lifestyle affects our biology can help identify tissular, cellular, and molecular mechanisms central to how the body adapts to environmental stressors.

Our researchers deliver new insights into the continuum of lifestyle and prevention; the mechanisms of cardiovascular disease; and how these can inform diagnostics, treatment, and therapies. Our labs are organized into three focus areas: Lifestyle and Disease Prevention, Systems Physiology and Bioengineering, and Genetic Medicine. These groupings stimulate new insights for our research into:

Research Integrated Under the Renowned Mount Sinai Heart

Mount Sinai Heart, directed by Valentín Fuster, MD, PhD, is a global leader in cardiovascular care. The Cardiovascular Research Institute’s goal is to be integrated with the work of our clinical colleagues to advance fundamental and translational science regarding the heart—and the myriad systems and processes to which it connects—to improve prevention, diagnostics, and treatment.