Cardiovascular Research Center

Laboratories and Core Facilities

Our teams of multidisciplinary investigators with the Cardiovascular Research Center (CVRC) are breaking new ground as we strive to transform scientific findings into real and progressive therapies to combat cardiovascular diseases. We are continuously growing our cutting-edge translational research laboratory to position the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai as the leader in cardiovascular genomics.

Cardiovascular Labs

Akar Laboratory

Focusing on arrhythmia mechanisms in structural heart disease


Atomic Force Microscopy Core Facility

Allowing cutting-edge nanotechnology studies with an atomic force microscope


Cardiovascular Translational Laboratory of Physiology and Imaging

Preclinical testing site for gene and cell transfer


Costa Laboratory

Investigating biomechanics of cardiovascular tissue and cell function


Hulot Laboratory

Focusing on molecular/genetic roots of cardiovascular drug response


Kovacic Laboratory

Making game-changing discoveries related to cardiovascular blockage


Lebeche Laboratory

Targeting pathways to improve cardiac myocyte function and survival


Weber Laboratory

Studying adeno-associated virus, a promising gene therapy vector