The Cardiovascular Research Institute at Mount Sinai

Message from the Director

I am delighted to be part of this period of rapid growth at the Cardiovascular Research Institute. Mount Sinai’s academic strength and collaborative environment is impressive. Clinically, Mount Sinai Heart, under the leadership of the renowned Dr. Valentín Fuster, MD, PhD, is globally recognized for the advancement of cardiovascular health. My goal is to build and grow an Institute dedicated to the fundamental and translational study of cardiovascular health and disease. The cardiovascular system does not exist in isolation, but is an integral component of a constellation of systems that interact and influence each other. The Research Institute will embrace this complexity and will grow alongside Clinical Cardiology to prevent, understand, and treat cardiovascular disease.

“Science is a group effort, and it’s important to cultivate this mindset.”

— Filip K. Swirski, PhD

Community is extremely important to great work. I’ve always found it crucial to surround yourself with people who you can trust and with whom you can work. My goal is to build strong collaborations with other research efforts at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, other cardiovascular institutes in New York, and other organizations in the United States and abroad.

The science of the cardiovascular system is complex. We need to cultivate collaboration with colleagues in other disciplines, such as genetics, immunology, metabolism, and endocrinology, to understand how systems interact. We must invest in emerging technologies. No one person can understand the entire constellation of human biological systems. Accordingly, as we explore “inter-organ communication,” we will reach out to our colleagues in other disciplines to produce work that is both scientifically and clinically meaningful.

It is also necessary to bridge the gap between academic science and industry. We need to accelerate the development of intellectual property into innovations that can enter the marketplace and, more importantly, become accessible therapies. By working with Mount Sinai Innovation Partners, we can build industry relationships and tap into their expertise in order to bring ideas to market, and thus to the clinic.

We must mentor the next generation of scientists and physician-scientists. While it is critical to reinforce the values of discipline and hard work, we also need to support the love of science and creativity. In my lab, we’ve always worked hard, but we also have fun. I’ve always found creativity thrives on infectious enthusiasm and positive energy.

It is this positive energy and enthusiasm that I strive to cultivate at the Cardiovascular Research Institute at Mount Sinai as, together, we continue to build on past accomplishments.

Filip K. Swirski, PhD