The Cardiovascular Research Institute at Mount Sinai

Trainee Liaison Committee

At the Cardiovascular Research Institute (CVRI) at Mount Sinai, the Trainee Liaison Committee is a newly formed student group. Composed of postdocs and graduate students that work in various labs at the Cardiovascular Research Institute, our current members are Abi Yates, Anich Devendran, Gaya Mainkar, Judit Morla, Laura Koekkoek and Yang Xu.

What We Do

Established in 2023, our committee is in the beginning stages of creating our objectives and goals.

Our current objectives are:

  • To improve communication between faculty and trainees
  • To strengthen the cohesion between the trainees at the CVRI

As our committee grows, we will continue to add more goals and objectives. To achieve these goals, we will host three to four social events at the Institute.

Previous events have included a launch party, and summer yoga with a certified Ashtanga Yoga teacher. We plan to host a sports day in Central Park for the entire institute. Additionally, we are working on a newsletter that will help us announce and celebrate news on research at the Institute, grants received, and the introduction of new trainees or faculty members. We hope that these efforts will help to feel a sense of community.

To improve communication between the faculty and trainees at the Cardiovascular Research Institute, our members attend faculty meetings. This allows us to bring up any issues raised by the trainees, and to stay current with what is happening at the CVRI. All trainees can approach the committee with anything that they would like to address with faculty. We are here to mediate should anyone want to bring up any issues on behalf of trainees.

How to Join

If you are a research associate and would like to join the Trainee Liaison Committee, we invite you to join one of our meetings. If you are a postdoc or graduate student, there will be spots open again in the future.

For additional questions or suggestions with CVRI-related matters, you can reach us by email at Additionally, you can always approach any of us while we are at the Institute, we are more than happy to help you.