Cardiovascular Research Center

Awards and Achievements

The Cardiovascular Research Center is unrelenting in our research, development and innovation, as we share significant findings and advances with the medical community and the world at large. Below are some of the awards and achievements that document our commitment and progress.

$6 Million Grant from The Fondation Leducq

The Fondation Leducq in Paris, France awarded a $6 million grant to a new global research network of cardiovascular scientists including Jean-Sebastien Hulot, and Jason Kovacic, MD, PhD. The team is working to identify cellular and molecular targets that could advance cardiac regeneration therapeutics.

Circulation Research Best Manuscript Award Recipients

The American Heart Association's journal, Circulation Research, awarded a Best Manuscript Award to lead author Elisa Yaniz-Galende, PhD, and senior-authorRoger Hajjar, MD, for their investigations on repair and reversal of heart attack damage.