The Marie-Josée and Henry R. Kravis Drug Discovery Institute

Our Capabilities

Working with Mount Sinai investigators and external partners, we design and execute projects to deliver proof-of-concept candidates. Ours is a unique approach. We work on a traditional “fee for service” basis, and we offer the opportunity for collaboration to develop a novel therapeutic. As part of a collaboration, we will work with the Principal Investigator to develop an experimental plan and apply for a grant or enter into a collaboration.

We provide a range of emerging and established technologies that enable the translation of basic biological mechanisms into therapeutics. Our capabilities include Small-Molecule Drug Discovery; Therapeutic Antibodies; Structure-Based Drug Design; and Assay Development and Screening.

Our Medicinal Chemistry laboratory works toward the identification of novel chemical matter by developing new chemical processes and syntheses in the areas of heterocyclic chemistry and carbon-carbon bond forming reactions to access unexploited chemical space.

The mission of our Center for Therapeutic Antibody Development is to collaborate with researchers in the design and development of monoclonal antibodies for research and commercialization, using our sophisticated high throughput capabilities.

Our Structure-Based Drug Discovery capability, the backbone of our drug discovery efforts, supports target characterization, small-molecule hit identification, and hit to lead development by combining structural information with computational tools in the areas of molecular modeling and simulation, and cheminformatics.

The Assay Development and Screening Core provides assay development and medium to high throughput screening service to accelerate early drug discovery and mechanistic research for all investigators at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and outside corporations.

We also offer Assay Development and Screening technologies. To learn more about this capability, please contact Purva Bali, PhD via email at