The Marie-Josée and Henry R. Kravis Drug Discovery Institute

Assay Development and Screening

The Assay Development and Screening Core provides assay development and medium to high throughput screening service to all investigators at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and outside corporations. 

We also offer Assay Development and Screening technologies. To learn more about this capability, please contact Purva Bali, PhD via email at

Our core also provides extensive consultation and technical assistance for user-initiated and executed projects, including support for assay design, and data analysis. Our integrated resources include:

  • More than 110 thousands small compounds from ChemBridge. 
  • Both human and mouse Mission siRNA/shRNA libraries from Sigma-Aldrich. 
  • Hp D300 Dispenser, which are able to handle liquid samples from milliliters to picoliters. 
  • Two plate readers, FLIPRtetra plus with 384-channel head and Envision with whole sets of filters for reading different plates. 

Our core is able to screen small molecule and siRNA/shRNA libraries in both cell-based and cell-free formats.  Targets could be GPCRs, ion channels, enzymes and others.  Besides primary screening, we support early hits cytotoxic assays.