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Everyday Health: Tehilla Brander, MS, CGC, discusses implications of BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations on impact prostate cancer risk (10.21.22) Full Story

Innovation & Tech Today: Brian Brown, PhD, and Alessia Baccarini, PhD discuss how advances in technologies are leading way to a new type of evolution for humanity; a review of San Diego Comic Con Panel discussion "Accelerating Evolution: How Technology is Making Humans Super" (10.13.22) Full Story

Genome Web: Panos Roussos, PhD, discusses study identifying risk variants for neuropsychiatric disease by tracking enhancer expression. (9.27.22) Full Story

Gastroenterology & Endoscopy News: Inga Peter, PhD, discusses new findings suggesting a link between Parkinson's disease and IBD. (9.6.22) Full Story

Genome Web: Alex Charney, PhD, discusses Mount Sinai partnership with Regeneron in Mount Sinai Million Health Discoveries Program. (8.24.22) Full Story

The Hill: Joseph Buxbaum, PhD, discusses largest study yet identifying over 200 genes strongly linked to autism. (8.17.22) Full Story

Genome Web: Alison Goate, DPhil, comments on a new method to identify novel Alzheimer's gene candidates. (8.8.22) Full Story

The Scientist: Jeremiah Faith, PhD, discusses study findings with implications for new, targeted immune-based therapies. (7.8.22) Full Story

The Scientist: Brian Brown, PhD, discusses the new CRISPR screening technology allowing recreation of tumor heterogeneity in vivo. (6.27.22) Full Story

Genome Web: Review of studies indicating shared pathways providing insights into the underlying bioloy of neuropsychiatric conditions with comment from one of the study authors, Paul O'Reilly, PhD. (4.6.22). Full Story 

Genetic Engineering News: Brian Brown, PhD, discusses spatial CRISPR genomics of tumor microenvironments (3.16.22) Full Story

Genome Web: Towfique Raj, PhD, discusses study uncovering thousands of structural variants affecting gene regulation in the brain and brain disorder risk (3.15.22) Full Story

Genome Web: Laura Huckins, PhD, discusses a study indicating that genetics of cardiometabolic traits are informed by predicted gene expression across ancestries and the "ethical imperative to improve diversity in functional genomics and transcriptomics studies" (3.8.22) Full Story

Select Science: Ben Hopkins, PhD, discusses how combining transcriptomics with organoid-based drug screening could bring effective therapies to cancer patients sooner. (3.7.22) Full Story

Genetic Engineering News: Ron Do, PhD and Iain Forrest, PhD, discuss study on association between pathogenic varients and disease. (1.26.22) Full Story

Genome Web: Ron Do, PhD, discusses a study using biobank and EHR data to determine how often individuals with pathogenic disease varients were diagnosed with those diseases. (1.25.22) Full Story

Genome Web: Panos Roussos, MD, discusses identification of candidate causal variants for neuropsychiatric and neurodevelopmental conditions. (1.21.22) Full Story

Medpage Today: Manisha Balwani, MD, discusses clinical challenges in managing erythropoietic protoporphyria. (1.11.22) Full Story

Myeloma Research News: Alessandro Lagana, PhD, discusses his study regarding a model developed that may better classify multiple myeloma using genetic sequence data from hundreds of patients. (1.17.22) Full Story

The Wall Street Journal: A Grieving Family Wonders: What if They Had Known the Medical History of Sperm Donor 1558? (1.2.22) Full Story

Medscape: Niamh Mullins, PhD, discusses her research on a risk locus on chromosome 7 containing DNA variations that increase the risk that an individual will attempt suicide, even in the absence of a psychiatric disorder. (12.29.21) Full Story

MedPage Today: Manisha Balwani, MD, MS, discusses her research on treating acute hepatic porphyria. (12.29.21) Full Story

News Medical Life Sciences: Researchers at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai have identified three major molecular subtypes of Alzheimer's disease (AD) using data from RNA sequencing. The study advances our understanding of the mechanisms of AD and could pave the way for developing novel, personalized therapeutics. (1.7.21) Full story

News Medical Life Sciences: The Seaver Autism Center for Research and Treatment at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and Rumi Scientific announced today that they will team up to initiate a drug discovery pipeline for rare genetic disorders that carry a high risk of autism. The Seaver Autism Center is led by Joseph Buxbaum, PhD, Professor of Psychiatry, Neuroscience, and Genetics and Genomic Sciences, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. (1.6.21) Full story

STAT: A consortium of researchers led by Mount Sinai's Pei Wang, PhD, delved into the molecular details of 218 pediatric brain tumors, analyzing the genes, proteins, and RNA transcription that allow these cancers to proliferate. This analysis, which identified a number of unique proteins created by different types of brain tumors, allowed the researchers to draw connections between the presence of certain proteins and a patient’s prognosis. (11.25.20) Full story

HIT Consultant: Mount Sinai researchers have developed machine learning models that predict the likelihood of critical events and mortality in COVID-19 patients within clinically relevant time windows. (11.11.20) Full story 

Healio: Gaurav Pandey, PhD, and Supinda Bunyavanich, PhD, discuss new algorithm providing holistic view of how air pollution contributes to asthma in children. (11.1.21) Full Story

New York Times: New research including scientists from the Department of Genetics and Genomic Sciences, indicates that the coronavirus began to circulate in the New York area by mid-February, weeks before the first confirmed case, and that travelers brought in the virus mainly from Europe, not Asia. (4.8.20) Full story.

The Washington Post: A genetic variant called TTR V122I could lead to a higher risk of hereditary transthryretin amyloid cardiomyopathy - a potentially fatal disease caused by a protein buildup in the heart. Researchers including Ron Do from Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai collaborated with a research team from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine on the study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. (12.11.19) Full story.

Genome Web: A new epigenomic study of Clostridioides difficile has identified a highly conserved methyltransferase that may enable sporulation and could be targeted to treat infections. Researchers including Icahn School of Medicine's Gang Fang honed in on a highly conserved methyltransferase within not only their sample set but within a global array of C. difficile isolates. (11.26.19) Full story.

Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News: Genetic studies have advanced our understanding of the pathogenesis of the inherited form of Parkinson’s disease (PD). Scientists at the Icahn School of Medicine including Bin Zhang at Mount Sinai have uncovered new molecular drivers of PD using the statistical technique known as multiscale gene network analysis (MGNA). (11.20.19) Full story. 

Beckers Hospital Review: Mount Sinai Health System has received an HHS grant to build a second "big omics data engine," named BODE 2, to advance translational bioinformatics research and data-enabled clinical care. (11.19.19) Full story. 

Lifehacker: Jose Clemente was interviewed by The Upgrade podcast by Lifehacker to discuss anything and everything involving human gut health and the microbiome. (10.8.19) Full story

New York Genome Center: Scientists at the New York Genome Center (NYGC) and the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai have been awarded a $1.5 million collaborative grant over three years from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI) to support the development of a toolkit for integrated multimodal cell profiling. (6.21.19) Full story. 

Springer Nature: The Population Architecture using Genomics and Epidemiology (PAGE) Study was created over ten years ago to investigate the genetic architecture of disease in diverse populations in the Americas. (6.19.19) Full story. 

Crain's New York Business: The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai has launched a center focused on advancing health care through the research, development and implementation of artificial intelligence technologies. (6.11.19) Full story.

The Scientist: Joseph Buxbaum was quoted in this article on RNA analysis of human brain cells reveals gene expression changes in cortical neurons and microglia linked to autism spectrum disorder (ASD). (5.16.19) Full story. 

The Naked Scientists: Eli Stahl was interviewed by Phil Sansom from The Naked Scientists blog on his May publication about bipolar disorder. Bipolar is a psychiatric condition characterized by extreme mood swings between mania and depression, and it affects around 40 million people around the world. (5.3.19) Full story. 

PacBio: Pac Bio covered our Mount Sinai Pathogen Surveillance in their blog talking about SMRT Sequencing Technology, and how it's being used against infectious diseases. (4.22.19) Full story.

HIT Infrastructure: The Hasso Plattner Foundation is investing $15 million into a new digital health institute being set up by Mount Sinai Health System and the Hasso Plattner Institute.(4.15.19) Full story. 
Wired: Eric Schadt is quoted in this article on prenatal genetic information. Most nights, talk around Kristin Hamann’s dinner table eventually turns to genetics. (3.27.19) Full story.

CNN Health: Stuart Scott is quoted in this article on how your genetic makeup can affect how well different medicines work. New research explores whether that's true for hormonal contraceptives. (3.12.19) Full story. 

The Atlantic: Balazs Szigeti is quoted in this article on hallucinogenic drugs. The purported benefits of microdosing psychedelics are as numerous as the research is sparse. (3.5.19) Full story. 

Scientific American: Alison Goate is quoted in this article on Alzheimer's. For decades researchers have focused their attacks against Alzheimer’s on two proteins, amyloid beta, and tau. Their buildup in the brain often serves as a defining indicator of the disease. Get rid of the amyloid and tau, and patients should do better, the thinking goes. (3.4.19) Full story. 

 Nature: A new study provides evidence that colonization of germ- free mice with fecal bacteria from healthy infants can protect against signs of cow’s milk allergy in mice. In this article written by Supinda Bunyavanich, see the results of her study and progress made with food allergies in infants. (3.1.19) Full story.

Medicalxpress: Patricia Casaccia weighs in on understanding and mitigating the role of epigenetics (environmental influences that trigger changes in gene expression) in disease development is a major goal of researchers.(2.28.19) Full story.

MedCityNews: Joel Dudley and Amy Divaraniya Mount Sinai Health System spinout OOVA has joined forces with Thorne Research, a supplement and at-home health test business, to pilot its fertility monitoring tool. (2.26.19) Full story. 

HealthDay: Ruth Loos and a team of researchers lead a large, new study has uncovered 24 genetic variations that help separate the apple-shaped people from the pear-shaped ones. Researchers said the findings help explain why some people are prone to carrying any excess weight around the belly. (2.18.19) Full story. 

Stat News: Inga Peter, PhD, Professor of Genetics and Genomic Sciences at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, wrote an opinion piece for Stat News about viral repurposing and how it can speed up the discovery of new uses for existing drugs. (1.12.19) Full story. 

VOA Turkey: Zeynep H. Gümüş, interviewed with Voice of America to discuss her recent study on Fanconi Anemia germline mutations that increase the risk for squamous lung cancer. (1.9.19) Full story.

Stat News: Bruce Gelb, weighs in on the usefulness of a study where AI can detect genetic mutations through a photograph. (1.7.19) Full story.

GenomeWeb: Harm Van Bakel, spoke with GenomeWeb about the growing practice of hospitals sequencing pathogens isolated from patients who have either developed an antibiotic resistance or whose infections are suspected to be part of an outbreak. (11.15.18) Full story. 

DDNews: Jun Zhu, spoke with Drug Discovery News about the predictive modeling system he and a team of researchers designed to infer the relationships between genes, drugs, and their environment over time. (11.13.18) Full story. 

Stat News: Dr. Yvonne Chan sat with STAT News to discuss the market for patient monitoring devices such as the Apple watch. (10.18.18) Full story. 

NIH Director's Blog: NIH Director Francis Collins, discusses the research led by Dr. Towfique Raj which found previously unknown genetic aberrations to be associated with Alzheimer’s progression (10.16.18) Full story. 

Harvard Business Review: Joel Dudley shares how Mount Sinai is making its fight against cancer a health system-wide effort. (10.2.18) Full story.

Scientific American: Dr. Eric Schadt discusses how precision medicine has moved from bench to bedside. (10.1.18) Full story.

Cancer Therapy Advisor: Alessandro Laganà discusses the precision medicine platform he and his team developed that identified target treatment options for patients with multiple myeloma. (10.1.18) Full story. 

RadioMD: Dr. Jun Zhu, Professor of Genetics and Genomic Sciences at Mount Sinai and Head of Data Science at Sema4,  speaks with Dr. Mike Roizen about the top risk factors for bladder cancer. (9.25.18) Full story.

MD Magazine: Dr. Bunyavanich discusses her collaborative study which identified a distinct nasal microbiome in patients with exacerbated asthma. (9.18.18) Full story. 

The New York Times: Eric Schadt gives his thoughts on the development of a tool that surveys alterations in DNA and millions of points in the genome. (8.13.18) Full story.

U.S News & World Report: Drs. George Diaz and Edward Schuchman discuss the growing field of medical genetics, patient paths to diagnosis, and how multidisciplinary medical teams bolster the identification and management of genetic disease. (7.30.18) Full story. 

Global Healthcare: This article details the launch of the Center for Biomedical Blockchain Research led by both Drs. Noah Zimmerman and Joel Dudley. (7.27.18) Full story. 

Fierce Biotech: Jun Zhu, explains how his computational methods have provided deeper insight into the cellular mechanisms behind bladder cancer. (7.6.18) Full story. 

Slate: Joel Dudley gives his thoughts on researchers sharing data in the medical field. (6.24.18) Fully story. 

The New York Times: Joel Dudley discusses his study which shows how two types of herpes play a significant role in Alzheimer’s. (6.21.18) Full story.

NPR: Joel Dudley discusses his team’s work identifying herpes virus associations with Alzheimer’s disease. (6.21.18) Full story.

Daily Beast: Brian Kidd discusses the strides the scientific community is making to develop a Lyme disease vaccine. (5.31.18) Full story. 

Market Watch: Brian Brown discusses the power of gene therapy and as it relates to perceptions in pop culture and science fiction. (5.31.18) Full story.

Slate: Supinda Bunyavanich is quoted on the latest advice for parents in preventing and managing pediatric allergies. (5.15.18) Full story. 

Healio: Inga Peter’s study linking Parkinson’s and IBD and anti-TNF therapy is highlighted. (4.23.18) Full story.

Daily Mail: Inga Peter discusses her study linking IBD and Parkinson’s and the effects of anti-inflammatory therapy on Parkinson’s risk. (4.23.18) Full story. 

MD Magazine: Supinda Bunyanavich gives her thoughts on the benefits of fish oil and peanut butter in newborns and children. (3.2.18) Full story. Joel Dudley is quoted in an article on DNA and the genome. (1.7.18) Full story. 


Bio-IT World: Gang Fang is interviewed re: why the biomedical community needs a microbiome analysis method capable of resolving individual species and strains with high resolution. (12.12.17) Read here.

CBS New York: Supinda Bunyavanich discusses how researchers at the Icahn School of Medicine discovered high-yield targets for understanding how peanut allergy works overall. (12.5.17) Read here. 

Politico: Mount Sinai Researchers identified six genes that activate hundreds of others in children with severe peanut allergies. (12.5.17) Read here. 

Healthcare IT News: Jun Zhu comments on the power of predictive models his team used to yield a new set of molecular subtypes in glioblastomas. (10.16.17) Read here.

University Herald: Deep Learning: The Most Advanced Artificial Intelligence - Chris Brandt (6.14.17) Read here.

Genome Web: Challenges to Personalized Medicine Implementation Explored in IGNITE Network Projects (5.26.17) Read here.

STAT News: Two years in, what has Apple ResearchKit accomplished? — Kate Sheridan (5.26.17) Read here.

Genome Web: Patient Diversity in Cancer Research Essential to Addressing Health Disparities, Scientists Say — Christie Rizk. (4.17.17) Read here.

Business Insider: There's A Dark Secret At The Heart Of Artificial Intelligence: No One Really Understands How It Works — Will Knight. (4.15.17) Read here.

Fortune: Yvonne Chan interviewed re: how the Asthma App demonstrates the power of mobile health tools. (3.15.17) Read here. 

Forbes: Eric Schadt discusses the Asthma Mobile Health Study and the new abilities mobile health tools bring to the table. (3.14.17) Read here. 

Huffington Post: Eric Schadt interviewed re: how big data could transform the health care industry. (2.1.17) Read here. 

Genomeweb: John Martignetti and colleagues published a study confirming that mutations linked to endometrial cancer can be found in uterine lavage fluid. (12.26.16) Read here.

Reuters: Eric Schadt interviewed re: new research on the biological impact of meditation and vacation. (9.21.16) Read here. 

Cardiology Today: Johan Björkegren discusses the STARNET study and the profound opportunities this line of research could lead to. (8.25.16) Read here. 

GenomeWeb: Johan Björkegren and colleagues published a study that revealed a new level of complexity and interaction in genes responsible for inherited risk of cardiometabolic diseases. (8.18.16) Read here. 

New York Times: Stephen Friend discusses new potential to treat illnesses by studying the people who inherited a mutated gene, but remained healthy. (4.11.16) Read here.

NPR: Eric Schadt and colleagues aim to recruit tens of millions of people to decode and uncover why healthy people with disease-causing mutations are protected from disease. (4.11.16) Read here.

BBC: Stephen Friend and Eric Schadt explain the tremendous opportunity to treat illnesses by figuring out what keeps people healthy. (4.11.16) Read here.

The Atlantic: Stephen Friend, Eric Schadt, and colleagues seek to prevent disease by launching an ambitious initiative called the Resilience Project. (4.11.16) Read here.

Wall Street Journal: Study done by researchers at the Icahn Institute find that Theranos blood results could throw off medical decisions. (3.28.16) Read here. 

New York Times: Eric Schadt reveals Theranos blood tests are outside of range in ways that could impact clinical decision-making. (3.28.16) Read here.

Forbes: Researchers at the Icahn Institute complete analysis of Theranos blood tests and find the results wanting. (3.28.16) Read here.

Tech Insider: Eric Schadt discusses how Theranos blood tests are inaccurate enough that they could result in unnecessary clinical decisions. (3.28.16) Read here. 

Nature: Yvonne Chan explains how apps like our Asthma App are opening up new areas of research. (3.21.16)  Read here.

New York Daily News: Reymundo Lozano interviewed re: Down Syndrome, the most common chromosomal condition (11.22.15) Read here.

NIH Director’s Blog: Dr. Francis Collins, Director of the NIH, discusses Dudley Lab’s study that identified new subpopulations of type 2 diabetes patients (11.10.15) Read here.

Tech Insider: Eric Schadt interviewed re: privacy and personal genomics. (11.3.15) Read here.

Tech Insider: Apple's ResearchKit named as one of Tech Insider's 40 Most Exciting Innovations (11.2.15) Read here.

Genome Web: Joel Dudley comments on new diabetes research analyzing EHRs and genetic data to identify new subtypes of patients in an advance for precision medicine (10.29.15) Read here.

Tech Insider: Eric Schadt comments on recent advances in genomic medicine to better diagnose, treat, and prevent disease (10.26.15) Read here.

ZDNet: Apple's ResearchKit, including the Asthma Health App, is a hit with Doctors. (10.16.15) Read here.

Fox News: Eric Schadt comments on researchers' positive results from the Asthma Mobile Health Study. (10.2.15) Read here.

BuzzFeed: Results from the Icahn Institute's Asthma Health App with Apple's ResearchKit. (9.29.15) Read here.

Outside magazine: Eric Schadt discusses fitness wearables (9.22.15) Read here.

Medscape: Eric Schadt is interviewed by Eric Topol re: "Math, Medicine, and Motorcycles..." (8.11.15) Read here.

GenomeWeb: Rong Chen provides commentary on workflow management software for genetic testing launched by Mount Sinai team (7.30.15) Read here.

Associated Press: Eric Schadt comments on Asthma Health App and smartphones becoming part of medical research (7.27.15) Read here.

Bio-IT World: Ali Bashir was interviewed re: work published in Nature Methods (6.30.15) Read here.

GenomeWeb: Ali Bashir discusses physical genome mapping (6.29.15) Read here.

GEN: Profiles the Harris Center for Wellness at Icahn School of Medicine, the first-of-its-kind center focusing on digital health, molecular profiling, and data science (6.25.15) Read here.

Scientific American: Eric Schadt comments on changes in medicine through digital advances and our Asthma Health App as part of Apple's ResearchKit  (6.16.15) Read here.

GenomeWeb: Profiles Eric Schadt and Gang Fang's paper published in Nature Communications re: their research using PacBio data (6.15.15) Read here.

Dateline NBC: Manisha Balwani discusses photosensitivity disorder erythropoietic protoporphyria (6.14.15). Watch Video

The Bump: Lakshmi Mehta comments on preconception genetic testing (5.27.15) Read here.

Yahoo Tech: Eric Schadt gives interview re: Asthma Health App and advances in medical research (5.4.15) Watch Video

CBS News: Eric Schadt discusses new gene editing technology applied in humans (4.24.15) Watch Video

Worth: Published a profile Joel Dudley's work to advance precision medicine and radically transform the treatment of disease (4.14.15) Read here.

Fox News: Published a profile of Eric Schadt "Genomics guru dives deep into DNA data" (4.2.15) Read here.

GEN: Harm Van Bakel and Ivan Marazzi commented on the link between inflammation and ALS found in their new study (3.31.15) Read here.

Fox News: Harm Van Bakel and Ivan Marazzi were interviewed re: their study on ALS (3.31.15) Read here.

Modern Healthcare:Yvonne Chan is quoted re: new era of digital medicine (3.14.15) Read here.

Fox News: Eric Schadt comments on data collection for the Asthma App as part of Apple's ResearchKit (3.13.15) Read here.

Bloomberg Business: Eric Schadt discusses the Apple ResearchKit with Bloomberg's Cory Johnson on "Bloomberg West" (3.11.15) Watch Video

Business Insider: Yvonne Chan  comments on the Asthma Health App as part of Apple's new ResearchKit launch (3.10.15) Read here.

Yale Daily News:Andrew Kasarskis, Todd Arnold, and Krista Perrella give an interview re: new facility in Branford, CT (2.26.15) Read here.

New Haven Register: Andrew Kasarskis and Todd Arnold discuss new genomics research facility in Branford, CT (2.3.15) Read here.

Wall Street Journal: Lisa Edelmann comments on carrier screening available to women at Mount Sinai (1.5.15) Read here.

The New York Times: Published an article, interviewing Dr. Eric Schadt and Dr. Stephen H. Friend, regarding The Resilience Project - "In a New Approach to Fighting Disease, Helpful Genetic Mutations Are Sought" (12.28.2014) Read More

Forbes: Published an article with an interview with Eric Schadt re: pathogen surveillance- "How DNA Sequencing in Sewers Could Detect Disease Outbreaks" (12.11.2014) Read More

Techonomy: Eric Schadt interviewed re: "Are Patients Ready to Become Tech-Empowered Healthcare Consumers?" (11.21.14) Read More

GEN: Research has shed light on the response of the hepatitis C virus to targeted therapeutics "Hepatitis C Antiviral Resistance Revealed." (11.18.2014) Read More

Healthline: Interview with Jose Clemente, "Humans Have Lost Many of Our Gut Bacteria Since We Evolved from Apes" (11.4.2014) Read More

Fairfield County Business Journal: Interview with Andrew Kasarskis, "Connecticut Becoming Hotbed for Bioscience Growth" (10.30.14) Read More

Branford Eagle: "Branford Welcomes Mount Sinai Genomics Research Center." (10.24.14) Read More "New York medical school to launch CT research center." (10.23.14) Read More

New Haven Register: "Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai opens genomics research facility in Branford." (10/23/14) Read More

Hartford Courant: "Genomics Research Lab Planned for Branford." (10.23.14) Read More

Genomeweb: Andrew Kasarskis was interviewed re "Case Reports Highlight Role for Sequencing in Detecting Infections Spread by Transplanted Organs" (10.8.14) Read More

NY Daily News: Karen Brown was interviewed re: Genetic Counseling for Cancer "Daily Checkup: Getting genetic counseling can help you fight cancer and even avoid it" (10.5.14) Read more "Eric Schadt on Long Read Sequencing and Clinical Genomics" (9.23.14) Listen to Podcast

WHYY Pulse Show: Interview with Elissa Levin and Robert Sebra re: the Resilience Project for the story "Crowdsourcing Cures Hidden in our DNA" 9.19.14 Listen here

GenomeWeb: "Mount Sinai to Open Clinical NGS Lab; Aims to Sequence 1 Million Individuals in Resilience Project" (9.12.2014) Read More

Fortune: Jeff Hammerbacher named one of Fortune's "2014 Big Data All-Stars" (8.3.14) Read More

The Naked Scientists: Interview with Saskia Sanderson re: "Gene Testing Issues" (7.10.14) Read More

The Daily Beast: Interview with Eric Schadt re: “The Genetic Heroes That Could Cure The Sick” (7.1.2014) Read More

Cap Today: Eric Schadt featured in “NGS to Detect Oncogenes” (6.30.2014) Read More

Thomson Reuters: Eric Schadt named one of the "World's Most Influential Scientific Minds 2014" (6.18.14) Read more

MIT Technology Review: Interview with Pamela Sklar- “Shining Light On Madness” (6.17.14) Read More

Scientific American: “Genetic Heroes May Be Key to Treating Debilitating Diseases” (5.30.14) Read more

Forbes published an article re: The Resilience Project- “A Massive Quest Begins To Find Good Genes That Protect Us From Deadly Ones” (5.30.14) Read more

Science: Perspectives by Eric Schadt and Stephen Friend- “Clues from the Resilient” (5.30.14) Read more

The Atlantic: Interview with Eric Schadt and Stephen Friend-"The Search for Genes That Prevent Disease" 5.29.14 Read more

FastCoExist: Interview with Elissa Levin re: "Searching For The Hidden Health Heroes Whose DNA Prevents Disease" 5.29.14 Read more

Business Insider published an article re: The Resilience Project- “How Healthy People Who Should Be Sick Could Revolutionize Medicine” (5.29.14) Read more

Clinical Informatics News: Interview with Andrew Kasarskis and Michael Linderman- “For Students at the Icahn School of Medicine, Genomics Is Growing More Personal” (5.23.14) Read more

FastCoExist: Interview with Joel Dudley - "Why Health Care Needs Creative Thinking More Than Ever" (5.20.14) Read more

Fast Company: Joel Dudley named one of “The 100 Most Creative People in Business 2014” (5.12.14) Read more

Joel Dudley featured on a panel discussion about “Big Data for Better Cures” at the Milken Global Conference (4.29.14) Watch video

C&EN: Joel Dudley interviewed re: Big Data & Healthcare in “A Virtue Of Chaos” (4.21.14) Read more

Bloomberg Businessweek: "The Age of the Data Scientist" - Eric Schadt featured in a panel discussion (3.6.14) Watch videos

Bloomberg Businessweek: Icahn Institute's Eric Schadt on Data Analysis in Medicine (3.6.2014) Read more

Fox News: Melissa Wasserstein interviewed re: "Things to know about mitochondrial disease" (3.3.14) Read more

CBS News: Ross Cagan interviewed re: personalized cancer therapy in "How fruit flies may be key to the fight against cancer" (2.16.14) Read more

Fast Company: Icahn School of Medicine named "The World's Top 10 Most Innovative Companies In Big Data" (2.10.14) Read more

Gen: Interview with Joel Dudley-"Cancer Genomics Enters a New Era" (2.1.14) Read more

Discover Magazine: Interview with Hardik Shah re: new software to do rapid analysis of whole genomes by Genalice (1.23.14) Read more

Independent (UK):"Schizophrenia could be caused by a wide variety of DNA mutations rather than one gene" (1.22.14) Read more

Reuters: "Genetic mutation studies shed new light on schizophrenia" (1.22.14) Read more

GenomeWeb: "Intro Course Helps Students Decide Whether to Analyze Their Own WGS Data, Mount Sinai Study Shows" (1.22.14) Read more

GenomeWeb: "Schizophrenia Studies Find Genetic Risk Spread Across Shared Pathways" (1.22.14) Read more

Bio-IT World: "The Maddening Genetics of Schizophrenia" (1.22.14) Read more

New Scientist: Interview with Saskia Sanderson-"Preparing Students to Meet their Genes in the Classroom" (1.9.14) Read more

Wired: Jose Clemente's work re "A Lost Underground Kingdom" featured in "The Best Scientific Visualizations of 2013 (12.25.13) Read more

KCRW To The Point: "Big Data and Healthcare" - Joel Dudley interviewed (12.20.13) Listen to Podcast

CBS This Morning: "War widow "finds purpose" following Stage 4 cancer diagnosis" - Eric Schadt interviewed re: Personalized Cancer Therapy and Fly Models (12.19.13) Watch Video

Multiple Sclerosis Discovery Forum: Epigenetic Changes Color the Genomes of People With MS (12.9.13) Read more

FastCoExist: Interview with Joel Dudley and Jeff Hammerbacher - "In The Hospital Of The Future, Big Data Is One Of Your Doctors" (12.5.13) Read more

Bio-IT World: Interview with Ross Cagan about our Personalized Cancer Therapy program (12.5.13) Read more

TheScientist: "Researchers take advantage of rapid and cheap DNA sequencing technologies to map the bacterial microbiome of New York City" (12.1.13) Read more

Leonard Lopate for WNYC: Interview with Eric Schadt - "A New Way of Killing Cancer" (11.27.13) Read more

USA TODAY: Eric Schadt quoted re "Analysis of huge data sets will reshape health care" (11.24.13) Read more

Esquire Magazine: Mount Sinai scientists and physicians created a personalized fly model to treat a patient with terminal colon cancer, now she has a fighting chance (11.20.13) Read more

Independent UK: Eric Schadt quoted re his research on a rare genetic disorder that stopped the aging process in one girl (11.10.13) Read more

Microbe magazine: Article by Dr. Schadt entitled "The Coming Revolution: Microbes and Multiscale Biology" describing recent microbial studies, including analyses of the cholera strain in the 2010 Haiti outbreak and the E. coli strain in the 2011 Germany outbreak. (11.2.13) Read more

Time: Eric Schadt quoted re his research on a rare genetic disorder that stopped the aging process in one girl (10.30.13) Read more

Huffington Post: OpEd by Eric Schadt - "It's Not Just the Genes" (10.24.13) Read more

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