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At the Department of Genetics and Genomic Sciences, our research and clinical teams work together to translate research insights to improve patient diagnostics and treatment.

We are committed to precision medicine, tailoring treatments to our patient’s specific needs. We’re able to achieve such personalized results by classifying patients into subpopulations based on their susceptibility to a particular disease or response to a particular treatment.

Our Unique Capabilities

Mount Sinai Genetics footprint in NYC

We are poised to transform the practice of medicine with our formidable assets:

  • A visionary, world class team: Our team of leading scientists pursue a multiscale approach to investigate, analyze, and understand human biology and the root causes of human disease
  • Industry experience: Our team leaders have strong experience developing new commercial technologies and drug targets, as well as discovering and validating markers of drug response
  • Massive computing infrastructure: We have high performance supercomputer resources for advanced quantitative analysis of massive datasets to create predictive models of human disease
  • Medical center integration: As part of a leading medical center, we can rapidly translate our novel research insights into improved patient diagnosis and treatment
  • Historic expertise: As part of the Health System, we work with world-renowned experts from a number of different specialties, such as inflammatory bowel disease, autism, psychiatric, cardiovascular, diabetes, oncology, food allergies, and chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Commitment to precision medicine: We look at each patient individually to deliver the right treatment at the right time

Our medical geneticists and genetic counselors specialize in screening, diagnosis, treatment, and counseling for patients with genetic diseases, birth defects, reproductive problems, or cancer risks.

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We are currently recruiting for a number of clinical trials.

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We offer graduate, postdoctoral, and fellowship programs for those interested in genetics and genomic sciences.

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