The Barbara and Maurice Deane Healthy Brain Initiative

Meet Our Leadership

Our whole interdisciplinary team is focused on coordinated care for patients with dementia and memory loss, support for their caregivers, and research to prevent and treat memory loss and dementia. Meet our director and key members of the team.

Audrey Chun, MD

Director, Deane Healthy Brain Initiative

Audrey Chun, MD, is Vice Chair for Outpatient Clinical Services in the Brookdale Department of Geriatrics and Palliative Medicine. Her clinical interests include geriatric assessment, medical education, and delivery of care in the outpatient setting. She is active in the educational programs of geriatrics and palliative care and regularly participates in the education of medical students, residents, geriatrics fellows, and colleagues here and nationally.

Georges Naasan, MD

Co-Medical Director, Barbara and Maurice Deane Center for Wellness and Cognitive Health

Georges Naasan, MD, is Associate Professor of Neurology, Co-Medical Director for the Barbara and Maurice Deane Center for Wellness and Cognitive Health, and Vice Chair of Ambulatory Operations and Quality for the Department of Neurology at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. His clinical interests include dementia of all types, delusions and hallucinations when they occur in the setting of dementia, and supportive and palliative care for people living with dementia. His research focuses on understanding the anatomy, biology, physiology, and symptomatology of psychosis in the setting of dementia. In addition, Dr. Naasan strives to understand the palliative care needs of people living with dementia and their loved ones, as well as finding interventions to alleviate the symptoms of dementia and improve patients’ quality of life.

Jan Schuetz-Mueller, MD

Co-Medical Director, Barbara and Maurice Deane Center for Wellness and Cognitive Health

Jan Schuetz-Mueller, MD is Vice Chair of Clinical Affairs in the Department of Psychiatry and the Associate Director for the Program in Global Mental Health at Mount Sinai. He oversees all clinical services within the department of psychiatry but also collaborative and integrative behavioral health initiatives across the medical center. He worked in the inpatient psychiatric service for over a decade and is passionate about helping individuals with severe mental illness. He is actively involved in the education and supervision of trainees, including medical students, residents and fellows. His interests extend to global health where he strives to improve psychiatric care to under-resourced countries, including Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Belize, Grenada and Liberia.

Nitin Toteja, MD

Co-Medical Director, Barbara and Maurice Deane Center for Wellness and Cognitive Health

Dr. Toteja is an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Director of Ambulatory Psychiatry Services at The Mount Sinai Hospital. In this role he oversees the operations of all the outpatient and integrated behavioral health clinics. His primary interest is in improving access and care of patients presenting with behavioral health concerns, and developing innovative programs to meet their needs. Dr. Toteja has an extensive background in public psychiatry and has led several innovative programs that changed the way health care gets delivered.   

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