The Barbara and Maurice Deane Healthy Brain Initiative

Caregiver Resources

Taking care of patients with memory loss, cognitive, or behavioral symptoms can be a unique experience. It involves many communication, relationship, and behavioral challenges that can occur.  Family caregivers do not need to face this alone.  Mount Sinai’s Barbara and Maurice Deane Center for Wellness and Cognitive Health can help. We offer a dementia management program for family caregivers and loved ones. This program can also connect you to support systems within Mount Sinai and the rest of the New York City community.

We have a team of expert doctors, nurses, care coordinators, and social workers. Together, they can:

  • Help you access community-based programs to help keep your loved ones out of the hospital or nursing home.
  • Connect you with Mount Sinai resources that can provide primary care for elderly patients. These include:
  • Assist in maintaining strong, ongoing connections among medical and community social service care providers.
  • Provide family education and support. We will give you a copy of the patient’s care plan. We can also teach you to recognize, manage, and plan ahead for behavior changes.
  • Periodically check in with you to see if you’re feeling strain or depression. We can refer you for resources as needed.

To reach our social workers please call Faye Linker at 646-678-2662 or Nicole Chis at 646-901-1520. 

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