Cell, Developmental and Regenerative Biology Enzyme Store

The Cell, Developmental and Regenerative Biology (CDRB) Enzyme store stocks and resells a full assortment of restriction enzymes and a variety of molecular biological kits, modifying enzymes, and polymerases. In addition, we have ready-to-use tissue culture media (i.e., DMEM, RPMI 1640, PBS).

 The following vendor brands are available at our store:

Through special purchase arrangements with the vendors, CDRB enzyme materials are available to Mount Sinai investigators at substantial discounts.

New at The Store

Bio-Rad isupply Kisok!

We're pleased to announce our new BioRad Supply Center. The vending machine is located at the Annenberg Building, 25th Floor (by freight elevators) and is available 24/7. An account must be set-up in advance.

The following CDRB Enzyme Store catalogs and order form are available for ISMMS researchers. (On campus access only!)