Worksheets, Checklists and SOPs

The following provides PPHS worksheets, check lists, and procedures (criteria IRB uses to make determinations):

PPHS Worksheets

HRP-307—WORKSHEET—Scientific or Scholarly Review
HRP-321—WORKSHEET—Contract Review

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PPHS Checklists

HRP-413—CHECKLIST—Eligibility for Review Using the Expedited Review Procedure
RUTH Submission Checklist - Modifications
RUTH Submission Checklist - New Submission
RUTH Submission Checklist - Reportable New Information

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Institutional Standard Operating Procedures

HRP-010—SOP—Annual Evaluations of the Human Research Protection Program
HRP-011—SOP—Quality Improvement Plan Human Research Protection Program
HRP-020—SOP—Incoming Items Directed to the IRB
HRP-022—SOP—Response to PPHS Required to Secure Approval
HRP-030—SOP—Designated Reviewers
HRP-031—SOP—Non-Committee Review Preparation

HRP-033 - SOP - Exempt Research Determination
HRP-032—SOP—Non-Committee Review Conduct
HRP-040—SOP—IRB Meeting Preparation
HRP-041—SOP—IRB Meeting Conduct
HRP-042—SOP—IRB Meeting Attendance Monitoring
HRP-043—SOP—IRB Meeting Minutes
HRP-050—SOP—Conflicting Interests of IRB Members

HRP-061—SOP—Expiration of IRB Approval
HRP-080—SOP—IRB Formation
HRP-081—SOP—IRB Removal
HRP-082—SOP—IRB Membership Addition
HRP-084—SOP—IRB Meeting Scheduling and Notification

HRP-092 - SOP - Request to Rely (R2R) on an External IRB
HRP-094 - SOP - Request for ISMMS to Serve (R2S) as the Reviewing IRB

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