Electronic Submission System (Ideate)

The Program for the Protection of Human Subjects (PPHS), in cooperation with Research Information Technology (Research IT) department and the Research Administration Reengineering Program, is in the process of implementing a new electronic submission process for human subject protocols using a software program called Ideate.

Ideate is being rolled out gradually to ensure adequate performance and functionality for every department. Check below to see which types of submissions your department is submitting through Ideate.

The following human research submission types are required to be through Ideate:

  • All Initial Research Submissions (including exempt, expedited and full board)
  • All Initial Requests to Rely on an External IRB
  • Modifications to projects already approved in Ideate
  • Continuations for projects already approved in Ideate
  • Final Reports for projects already approved in Ideate

What submission types are still made using the forms (HRP-212, HRP-211, etc.) and Protocol Template and submitted to IRB@mssm.edu?

  • Modifications to projects that aren't in Ideate
  • Continuations to projects that aren't in Ideate

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Ideate Tips:

Working with Attachments

Reading the LifeCycle Event Manager

Applying for a HIPAA Waiver