Meet the Team

The Program for the Protection of Human Subjects (PPHS) team is available to discuss your project and assist you and your team in complying with humans subjects protections regulations.

PPHS Management

Glenn Martin, MD, DFAPA, CIP 
Senior Associate Dean for Human Subjects Research
Executive Director, IRB Chair
Tel: 212-824-8204

Theodore Bania, MD, MS, CIP
Associate Director, IRB Chair
Tel: 212-824-8201

Ilene Wilets, PhD, CIP
IRB Chair
Tel: 212-824-8219

Lori Jennex, MA, CIP
Senior Director
Tel: 212-824-8203

Rebecca Banchik, BA, CIP
Assistant Director of Operations
Tel: 212-824-8202

Rachel Lally, MPH, CIP
Assistant Director, Regulatory & Administrative Affairs
Tel: 212-824-8225

Marilyn Eshikena, MS, CIP
IRB Supervisor
Tel: 212-824-8216

Jake Sutera, BA, CIP
IRB Supervisor
Tel: 212-824-8214

IRB Project Analysts

Expedited Team - Supervisor: Rebecca Banchik

Selina De Luca, MS, CIP
Senior IRB Analyst 
Tel: 212-824-8207

Nancy A. Ostrow, RN, MS, CIP
Senior IRB Analyst
Tel: 212-824-8221

Full Board Team A/C - Supervisor: Jake Sutera

Myra Hyder, MS
IRB Analyst I
Tel: 212-824-8205

Cyndi Roman, BA
IRB Analyst I
Tel: 212-824-8222

Sara Asgar, BS
IRB Analyst I
Tel: 212-824-8234

Full Board Team B/D - Supervisor: Marilyn Eshikena

Megan Richmond, BS
IRB Analyst I
Tel: 212-824-8226

Yonnette Joseph, BA
IRB Analyst I
Tel: 212-824-8235

Jennifer Wong, BA
IRB Analyst I
Tel: 212-824-8210

IRB Associates - Supervisor: Rachel Lally

Mariella Hernandez, BA
IRB Associate
Tel: 212-824-8206

Madeline Parra
IRB Associate
Tel: 212-824-8232

Johann Kemp
IRB Associate
Tel: 212-824-8209

Finance & Administrative Support - Supervisor: Lori Jennex

Olive Cole
Administrative Assistant II
Tel: 212-824-8200 

Natascia Longchamp
Administrative Assistant II
Tel: 212-824-8230