Meet the Team

The Program for the Protection of Human Subjects (PPHS) team is available to discuss your research study and assist you and your team in complying with humans subjects protections regulations.

PPHS Management

Glenn Martin, MD, DFAPA, CIP
Senior Associate Dean for Human Subjects Research
Executive Director, IRB Chair
Tel: 646-605-7376

Theodore Bania, MD, MS, CIP
Associate Director, IRB Chair
Tel: 646-605-7377

Ilene Wilets, PhD
IRB Chair
Tel: 646-605-7378

Lori Jennex, MA, CIP
Associate Dean
Tel: 646-605-7379
Cell: 646-285-3689

Jennifer Kucera, MS, CIP
Associate Director, Regulatory Affairs
Tel: 646-605-7380
Cell: 347-978-5266

Marilyn Eshikena, MS, CIP
Assistant Director
Tel: 929-305-0137

Jake Sutera, BA, CIP
Senior IRB Manager
Tel: 646-605-7386

IRB Project Teams

Reliance Team – Supervisor: Jennifer Kucera

Jeni O’Keefe, MS, CIP
Senior IRB Analyst
Tel: 929-305-0127 

Samantha Margolin, MS
IRB Analyst I
Tel: 646-605-7398

Expedited Team – Supervisor: Marilyn Eshikena

Megan Richmond, BS, CIP
Assistant IRB Manager 
Tel: 646-605-7388                                                                                                                                                              Cell: 929-448-1099

Katie Schaffenberger, BA
IRB Analyst II
Tel: 646-605-7319

Harrison Adler, MA, CIP
IRB Analyst II
Tel: 646-605-7384

Skylar Singer, MA
IRB Analyst I
Tel: 646-605-7375

Kelly Roberts, BA
IRB Associate II
Tel: 929-305-0120

Full Board Team – Supervisor: Jake Sutera

Schuyler Sattin, MA, CIP
IRB Analyst II
Tel: 646-605-7393

Benjamin Mills, MS
IRB Analyst I
Tel: 646-605-7381

Laila Aleem, BA
IRB Analyst I
Tel: 646-605-7354

Valentino Graci, MPH, CIP
IRB Analyst II
Tel: 646-605-7394

Page Bachrach, MS
IRB Associate II
Tel: 646-605-7370

Finance and Administrative Support – Supervisor: Lori Jennex

Olive Cole
Administrative Assistant II
Tel: 212-824-8200

Valeria Rotundo
Financial Analyst I
Tel: 646-605-7396