The Tisch Cancer Institute

Human Immune Monitoring Center

The Tisch Cancer Institute (TCI) Human Immune Monitoring Center Shared Resource Facility (HIMCSRF) is a collaborative consortium of technologists, immunologists, clinicians, and computational biologists with the coordinated goal of generating unprecedented immune profiling datasets to interrogate the etiology of cancer, novel biomarkers of disease course, and response to immunotherapy trials in cancer patients.

The HIMCSRF includes a range of cutting-edge high-throughput technology platforms to: 1) define circulating immune factors in blood and body fluids, 2) characterize immune cells in blood, bone marrow and tissue samples, 3) interrogate specific cellular, molecular immune pathways that may be dysregulated in disease, and 4) characterize changes upon therapy or treatment. These complementary technology platforms are fully integrated with automated laboratory, biospecimen, and data management systems to facilitate detailed immune characterization of diverse patient samples at unprecedented scale with uncompromising data quality and scientific rigor. These data can be linked with cutting-edge computational, bioinformatics, and machine learning pipelines to extract meaningful and actionable therapeutic insights. Since its inception in 2011, the HIMCSRF contributed to the TCI’s mission by providing state-of-the-art technologies, project development, consistency, interpretations, and cost-effectiveness to all TCI programs.