Within Computer Services at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (ISMMS), we support the technology needs of students, faculty, and staff, offering assistance purchasing and maintaining devices.

Institutional PC and Laptop Purchases

ISMMS participates in Dell’s Aggregate Buy Pricing (Agg Buy) program through The State of New York. Prices for PCs and laptops purchased through this contract are considerably lower than the standard institutional pricing. Selections and customization options are slightly limited, but the site does offer all of our standard recommended configurations, Dell Optiplex desktops, and Dell Latitude and Inspiron laptops. Accidental damage insurance for laptops (Dell CompleteCare) is not available on this site, but our Dell Sales Representative can add it to your order. View ordering instructions. If your business needs call for a configuration that is not available on the AggBuy site, please visit the Dell Institutional ISMMS site.

The first time you enter either site, you will be asked to create a Dell Personal Profile by providing your name, email address, and a personal password.

Employee Personal PC and Notebook Purchases

All ISMMS employees, retirees, students, and family members are eligible for a discount on Dell home machines. For current offerings visit the Dell Employee and Affiliates Purchase Program web site or call the Employee Purchase department at 800-934-1652 ext. 46697.

A Dell representative will fax or email you quotes and deliver all the information regarding the purchase of a Dell computer. When calling, mention your affiliation with the Icahn School of Medicine and provide the ISMMS Reference #24888169.

Apple Workstations and Notebooks

For information regarding the purchase of an Apple workstation or notebook, visit the Apple Education web site or contact the School’s Apple representative, Daniel Cygielman, at