Academic Software Information

The Academic IT Support Center distributes discounted site-licensed software for use on Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (ISMMS) workstations and laptop computers for teaching and academic research purposes. Licenses for Adobe, MathWorks, SAS, and SPSS are available for purchase using our software forms.

For Endnote, please contact ASCIT.

Statistical Software

SPSS is available to faculty, staff, and students at ISMMS for $75 per year and renews annually in December. Our license agreement prohibits us from distributing the software to students. Students can purchase the software from our third-party distributor OnTheHub.

SAS 9.4 products are intended for use in teaching and academic research. SAS is available to faculty and staff at ISMMS for $150 per year, and it must be renewed each year as it expires in July.

R is a great (free/open source) statistical program that is very similar to SAS. This software is available for download from the R project website and is compatible with UNIX, Windows, and Mac operating systems. This manual (PDF download) is an excellent place to begin learning R.

Mathematical Software

MatLab products are intended for use in teaching and academic research. MatLab software is available to faculty, staff, and students at ISMMS for $100 per year and renews annually in December.   Refer to MathWorks' Products and Services for a list of available software.  

Free Software Available to Students

SAS is free for all ISMMS Medical School and Graduate School students and can be installed by scheduling time with ASCIT. Graduate Medical Education residents/trainees are not eligible.

ISMMS students can obtain this software for free on their laptops by contacting the ASCIT office.

Additional Resources
Students will need to bring their windows laptops to ASCIT, as this cannot be handled remotely Students should be aware that SAS 9.4 requires 10 - 15 gigabytes of disk space, including documentation, and can take 1 to 3 hours to install depending on the machine. We will also need to enable administrative rights in case the laptops are locked down.  SAS is not compatible with Macintosh OS X.

System Requirements
Windows 8, and Windows 10

  • A minimum of 2 cores
  • 2 GB RAM (available to SAS)
  • Swap space: 1.5 times physical RAM or 250 GB, whichever is less

Space Requirements
SAS 9.4 Foundation requires approximately 30 MB of disk space to complete the installation.

Microsoft O365 Education

All students at the Icahn School of Medicine are now eligible for a free license to Microsoft Office 365.

This provides access to Onedrive, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and many more applications.

Personal Software Purchases

ISMMS faculty, staff, and students can purchase selected Microsoft and Adobe products at a discounted price through the JourneyEd Software Website for personal computers.  After registering with a valid Icahn School of Medicine email address. Visit the Purchasing Requirements page for details. 

Personal and student use of IBM SPSS Statistics violates the licensing terms and is not permitted.

Personal and student copies of SPSS can be purchased through our eStore - for use on laptops at a discounted price after registering with an ISMMS email address.