1. Windreich Department of Artificial Intelligence and Human Health


As artificial intelligence (AI) reshapes our society, the Mount Sinai Health System is committed to the creation of a comprehensive “intelligent fabric” to ensure new AI possibilities are investigated and leveraged in a safe, effective, and equitable way that advances patient care. The Windreich Department of Artificial Intelligence and Human Health is dedicated to ensuring those principles are met and realized in all of our research efforts.

Our Research

In our state-of-the-art facility, and in collaboration with our scientific computing and data partners, Icahn Mount Sinai now has the ability to analyze tremendous quantities of medical data. With this new ability, we are building an “intelligent fabric” that will provide a framework for all biomedicine and health care within the Mount Sinai Health System.

This intelligent fabric will be woven out of AI services that streamline the work of our clinicians, scientists, and administrators. At the most basic level, the Department will continue to leverage our existing productivity and support tools for diagnosis, treatment, and workflow optimization—but at the same time, we will connect these tools to significantly improve patient outcomes.

The Department supports AI initiatives within different departments, institutes, and centers across the Mount Sinai Health System, and serves as an academic home for AI faculty. It also contains the AI-enabling hardware, software infrastructure, and expertise to continue the Mount Sinai Health System’s stronghold as a leader in providing patient care through pioneering technologies.

In concert with our chief internal partner, the Hasso Plattner Institute for Digital Health at Mount Sinai, we are collaborating with departments across the Mount Sinai Health System, including the following:

Using our supercomputer capabilities, we analyze vast amounts data and build large-scale models to better understand how to improve diagnosis, treatment, and workflow, to facilitate both emergency reactions and long-term strategic decisions within the Mount Sinai Health System. Our efforts will also directly affect the health care journeys of every patient by enveloping them with personalized services that go well beyond our care facilities.

Building AI for patient care is a challenging task that comes with many additional responsibilities, ranging from complying with patient consent and guaranteeing privacy, to data protection and cybersecurity.

To support this effort, Icahn Mount Sinai has initiated a wide-ranging AI ethics initiative to ensure that our development, evaluation, validation, and use of AI are ethical, and that our AI algorithms for clinical care are safe, effective, and equitable.

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