Geriatric and Palliative Medicine Research

At the Brookdale Department of Geriatrics and Palliative Medicine at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, we are committed to conducting groundbreaking research. Our Department’s faculty have individual research initiatives and participate in our programs and affiliations. Since our inception, we have crafted a strong and consistent track record of funded and published clinical research on aging populations along with palliative medicine, and we will continue to search for new ways to treat this ever-growing patient population in the future.

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Our Department’s investigators pursue a robust program of clinical and epidemiological research in palliative care and aging, with an emphasis on medical decision-making, ethics, symptomatology, health services, and identification of populations in need of specialized and preventative care.

R. Sean Morrison, MD
Chair, Professor
Dr. Morrison’s current research focuses on improving the management of pain in older adults and on developing and evaluating models of palliative care delivery in hospitals and the community.

Melissa D. Aldridge, PhD, MBA
Vice Chair for Research, Associate Professor
Dr. Aldridge is a health services researcher whose body of work examines the impact of for-profit hospice ownership, size, and other organizational-level features on the delivery of hospice care and access to hospice services.

Claire K. Ankuda, MD, MPH
Assistant Professor
Dr. Ankuda is a health services researcher who examines how Medicare payment policies and health system characteristics shape the care of older adults with serious illness and their families.

Laura P. Gelfman, MD, MPH
Associate Professor
Dr. Gelfman’s research focuses on examining the role of palliative medicine for patients with advanced heart failure.

Nathan E. Goldstein, MD
Vice Chair for Population Health, Professor
Dr. Goldstein is a clinician-investigator whose work examines patient-physician communication in patients with advanced heart failure.

William W. Hung, MD, MPH
Associate Professor
Dr. Hung’s research focuses on geriatric models of care to improve care delivery for older adults, including the Mobile Acute Care for the Elderly Team model (MACE).

Fred Chau-Yang Ko, MD, MS
Associate Professor
Dr. Ko's research focuses on the biology of frailty and surgery-induced stress and their intersection with adverse outcomes such as physical decline in aged organisms.

Jennifer Reckrey, MD
Associate Professor
Dr. Reckrey’s work examines team-based approaches to care for those with serious illness, with a focus on the paid caregivers providing hands-on assistance to those with dementia living at home.

Albert L. Siu, MD, MSPH
Chair Emeritus, Professor
Dr. Siu, who served as the Department Chair from 2003-2017, has dedicated himself full-time to building and leading Mount Sinai at Home, the nation’s most ambitious program of its kind.

Christopher D. Woodrell, MD
Assistant Professor
Dr. Woodrell researches the delivery of palliative care to seriously ill patients and their families, with a focus on those facing advanced liver disease and liver cancer.

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Resources for Investigators

Our faculty have access to a range of resources, including the following:

  • Analytic support
  • Assistance with submissions to the Institutional Review Board (IRB)
  • Budget management
  • Career development
  • Faculty-level biostatistician consultations
  • Grant submission

Additionally, investigators can access departmental resources on grant budget rules, budget reports, Institutional Review Board procedures, and more. Contact Sara Lubetsky, Research Program Manager, at for details.