The physicians and scientists in the Division of Liver Diseases are making discoveries that have a vital impact on science, medicine and, ultimately, our patients' lives. Our faculty's research and medical expertise are recognized in prestigious academic journals as well as the mainstream press and social media outlets. The Department of Medicine has multiple formats to highlight and share their medical breakthroughs, advice and recommendations.

Please read some of the Division of Liver Diseases latest academic research publications:

Low-dose valganciclovir for cytomegalovirus prophylaxis in intermediate-risk liver transplantation recipients, by Timothy Sullivan, Dallas Dunn, Gopi Patel, Shirish Huprikar, et al., Liver Transplantation

A pilot study of ultra-deep targeted sequencing of plasma DNA identifies driver mutations in hepatocellular carcinoma, by Augusto Villanueva, Daniela Sia, Scott Friedman, Josef Llovet, Myron Schwartz, et al., Oncogene

Increasing access to hepatitis C virus medications: A program model using patient navigators and specialty pharmacy to obtain prior authorization approval, by Trang Vu, Wilma Toribio, Farah Riazi, Genesis Ciprian, Nathalia Gibbs, Martha Giardina, Jocelyn Camacho, Korin Parrella, Joy Cambe, Catherine Amory, Rachel Chasen, Keith Sigel, Jeffrey Weiss, Journal of Managed Care and Specialty Pharmacy.

Palliative Care for People With Hepatocellular Carcinoma, and Specific Benefits for Older Adults, by Thomas Schiano, et al., Clincal Therapeutics.

Reassessing the safety concerns of utilizing blood donations from patients with hemochromatosis, by Adam Winter, MD, Douglas Tremblay, MD, John Mascarenhas, MD, Thomas Schiano, MD et al, in Hepatology

Histological assessment of the liver explant in transplanted hepatitis C virus patients achieving sustained virological response with direct-acting antiviral agents, by Thomas Schiano, MD, et al, Histopathology

The impact of donor liver allograft fibrosis on patients undergoing liver transplantation, by Thomas Schiano, MD, et al, Clinical Transplantation

Please take a look at some of the latest blogs from our Division of Liver faculty members.

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