Center for Excellence in Youth Education (CEYE)

At the Center for Excellence in Youth Education (CEYE), we help more than 200 students each year from grade seven through college prepare for careers in science and health care. As a unit of Mount Sinai Health System's Office for Diversity and Inclusion, CEYE operates a range of school-year and summer programs geared to youth belonging to groups that are underrepresented in medicine.

The following programs are conducted in exclusive partnership with surrounding schools. Eligible students must attend a partner school in order to participate. A full list of our partners along with their corresponding program can be found here:

  • Day-with-a-Scientist Series
    Geared toward seventh and eighth graders, this full-day immersion series orients students to a different major organ each session.
  • Biotechnology and Medical Research
    This is a two-year program for juniors and seniors attending the High School for Math, Science, and Engineering, offering lab skill preparation in the field of biotechnology in year 1 and clinical and laboratory internship in year 2.
  • The Lloyd Sherman Scholars Program
    Geared toward high school-aged boys belonging to groups that are underrepresented in medicine, this research preparation program offers classroom and laboratory training in DNA and technology.

The following programs are open to any eligible NYC public or charter high school student:

  • Summer Research Courses
    These project-based research courses enable students to design and implement their own research studies over the course of six weeks.
  • Summer Internship Program
    This Internship-based program allows students to participate in daily clinical shadowing experiences for academic study and career exploration.

The following program is open to eligible college students with permanent residency in New York or New Jersey:

Be sure to view other Mount Sinai sponsored programs for students and come to our 2019 Brain Fair taking place on March 12th. 

The Center for Excellence in Youth Education and its activities are supported, in whole or in part, by a grant from the Pinkerton Foundation, the New York State Education Department, and the Health Resources and Services Administration. Scholarship Opportunities are provided through generous contributions from Serve and Rally (in honor of Dr. Lloyd R. Sherman) and the family of Roy N. Barnett.