Community Engagement with Medical and Graduate Student Groups

The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (ISMMS), including our students, is committed to diversity and inclusion. Our students are involved in advocacy and activism to advance equity and justice for the patients we serve. Our students are actively involved with the East Harlem community beginning with the annual East Harlem Walking Tour (EHWT).  Started in 2003 by the Center for Multicultural Community Affairs (CMCA) and a small group of medical students, the EHWT is an official orientation event at the School of Medicine, and introduces students to the neighborhood where they will train for the next four years.

CMCA’s approach to community engagement enables ISMMS students and faculty to partner and collaborate with local community-based provider organizations and leaders to conduct a wide range of programs, projects, initiatives, activities, and student-initiated electives.

Medical and Graduate Student Groups

In addition, we have a full complement of medical and graduate student-led youth focused afterschool programs for younger students from East Harlem and other surrounding neighborhoods, including:

  • Medical Discovery of Careers (MedDOCs)
    Started in 2004, MedDOCs is a weekly after-school program led by first and second year medical students. It is designed to expose disadvantaged high school students to the field of medicine. The program meets for nine weeks in the fall with a cardiac curriculum and seven weeks in the spring with a pulmonary curriculum. Students meet for 90 minutes each week. The program serves approximately 150 to 200 students for the fall and spring semesters. In an effort to further connect MedDOCs students with opportunities at ISMMS, a new MedDOCs Volunteer Services Program, MedDOCs+, was established in 2015. This program accepts approximately 15 former MedDOCs students for a volunteer period of six weeks during the summer. This new program is designed to familiarize students with how information flows through administrative offices at Mount Sinai.
  • MedStart Enrichment Program
    Started in 2009, the MedStart Enrichment is a highly interactive medical and science program designed for middle-school students in grades six through eight.
  • First Generation College Scholars Program
    Started in 2008, First-Generation Scholars provides structure and a place for high school students who will be the first in their family to go to college. Students receive one-on-one mentoring for what it takes to go to college, including assistance with writing the admission essay.
  • MiNDS Program
    MiNDS is a community volunteer initiative to make neuroscience education more engaging and accessible. It empowers and inspires students by extending ISMMS resources to local East Harlem schools and community centers.