Growth in Operations, Administrations & Leadership Society (GOALS)

Welcome to the Growth in Operations, Administrations, and Leadership Society (GOALS)

GOALS is an elite Black male Initiative at Mount Sinai Health System that advocates for career advancement opportunities and equitable resources for its members. Our Board Representation comprises Deans, Directors, Physicians, and Associate Directors dedicated to change and results. Our members consist of the rising Black Males throughout Mount Sinai’s institution. Our core values are networking, fellowship, and mentorship.

Mission Statement

To encourage and empower Black males within the Mount Sinai Health System via connections and networking.

Vision Statement

To increase the representation of Black males at the mid and upper levels of management and create career conduits by accelerating (career) paths, providing mentorships, and creating opportunities for those seeking to maximize their full potential.

Our Charge

  • To unite Black males throughout the institution to create a safe space for open dialogue around the topics of racism, lack of representation in leadership positions, and equity in resources to support growth within the institution.
  • To partner with executive leadership to leverage new or existing programs that foster mentorships, education/training, and community outreach that can expand the connections of black males who strive to make an impact.
  • To become change agents that guide the system in best practices for fostering and supporting the advancement of black males.

If you are interested in joining our group, please click here to submit an application. Please feel free to contact us at

We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting!