Growth in Operations, Administrations & Leadership Society (GOALS)

Welcome to the Growth in Operations, Administrations, and Leadership Society (GOALS)

GOALS is an elite Black male Initiative at Mount Sinai Health System that advocates for career advancement opportunities and equitable resources for its members. Our Board Representation comprises Deans, Directors, Physicians, and Associate Directors dedicated to change and results. Our members consist of the rising Black Males throughout Mount Sinai's institution. Our core values are networking, fellowship, and mentorship.

Mission Statement

To encourage and empower Black males within the Mount Sinai Health System via connections and networking.

Vision Statement

To increase the representation of Black males at the mid and upper levels of management and create career conduits by accelerating (career) paths, providing mentorships, and creating opportunities for those seeking to maximize their full potential.

Our Charge

  • To unite Black males throughout the institution to create a safe space for open dialogue around the topics of racism, lack of representation in leadership positions, and equity in resources to support growth within the institution.
  • To partner with executive leadership to leverage new or existing programs that foster mentorships, education/training, and community outreach that can expand the connections of black males who strive to make an impact.
  • To become change agents that guide the system in best practices for fostering and supporting the advancement of black males.

GOALS Components

  • GOALS Prospect Cohort
    The GOALS Prospect Cohort is an opportunity to interview for open (internal) positions on the Mount Sinai job portal. Candidates may apply to join the GOALS Prospect Cohort. The GOALS Prospect Cohort committee will interview the applicant. If selected, the applicant will enter that cohort cycle. If not selected, the applicant can submit for the next cycle. Please note that we can not guarantee that cohort members will be hired from an interview, but it is a chance for the cohort members to advance in their careers. Please click here if you are interested in submitting an application for the GOALS Prospect cohort. 
  • GOALS Informational Zoom
    The GOALS Informational Zoom is held quarterly. The purpose is to provide information, education, and updates to the GOALS network.
  • GOALS Social Networking Mixer
    The GOALS Social Networking Mixer is an outing for mid and upper-level members. The gathering allows for fellowship and networking.

Want to join the GOALS movement; please click here.

If you are interested in learning more about GOALS, do not hesitate to get in touch with us at

We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting!

GOALS Committee

GOALS Committee

  • Anthony Smalls
    Program Manager for Shared Resources in Research Operations & Infrastructure, Dean's Office
    Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
  • Shawn Lee
    Associate Director of Operations
    FPA Administration-Central Billing Office
    Mount Sinai Health System
  • Jacobie Ricard
    Senior Director, Planning Design and Construction
    Mount Sinai Morningside
  • Leroy Francis
    Administrative Director-Cardiology
    Mount Sinai Queens

group shot of first meet up

On Thursday, September 29, 2022, our GOALS group had its first in-person meet-up, which was a pivotal moment. It was a gathering of like-minded black males in leadership from across the Mount Sinai Health System to have an honest discussion about our journeys, our obstacles, and our commitment to creating a support system for Black males who enter our health institution.

Special thank you to those that attended, our GOALS committee, and our director, Dr. Reginald Miller.  A super special thank you to Sylvia’s Restaurant for accommodating our meetup. There were various levels and titles in attendance, but we collectively shared similar experiences and sentiments about overcoming career hurdles. We all deduced that it would have been great to have each as a support system throughout our career journeys, and it would have been greater if we had all crossed paths with each other in general.

We plan to keep the momentum going and create more opportunities for other Black males within the Healthcare system at the mid-level and above. We left feeling rejuvenated through fellowship and camaraderie, and we realized that the meeting was not only a beginning but an essential bookmark with new chapters to come.

group shot

On Wednesday, November 30, 2022, our GOALS network gathered for our first installment of a Holiday Social Networking Mixer at the famous Melba’s Restaurant.