Curriculum for the Scholar-athletes with Academic Goals Initiative

Welcome to the Scholar-athletes With Academic Goals (SWAG) Curriculum.

The links below are valuable resources that contain knowledge and practice towards excellence through video content and practice exams. The goal is to enhance your scope of expertise and expand insight into science, medicine, and health care.

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SWAG Curriculum Videos:

Youtube Videos

Brian Sutterer, MD

Generation Genius

Science Max


SciShow Kids

Crash Course Kids

Rock 'N Learn: Fun Learning 

Kids Learning Tube


SWAG Curriculum Practice Exams:

Varsity Tutors Website

Human Anatomy and Physiology Diagnostic

GRE Subject Test: Biology Diagnostic Tests

AP Biology Diagnostic Tests

High School Biology Diagnostic Tests

MCAT Biology Diagnostic Tests

ACT Science Diagnostic Tests

AP Chemistry Diagnostic Tests

High School Chemistry Diagnostic Tests

College Chemistry Diagnostic Tests

GRE Subject Test: Chemistry Diagnostic Tests

Physical Chemistry Diagnostic Tests

SAT II Chemistry Practice Tests

AP Physics 1 Diagnostic Tests

High School Physics Diagnostic Tests

College Physics Practice Tests

AP Physics 2 Diagnostic Tests

SAT II Physics Practice Tests