1. MD Program Admissions
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MD Program Application and Acceptance Timelines

The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai is committed to providing applicants with helpful resources as they prepare their application to our Medical Education Program. The following timeline equips applicants with a better understanding of our admissions cycle, including our key dates and deadlines.

  • October 1: AMCAS application final due date.
  • July-January: Application screening by Icahn Mount Sinai MD Admissions Committee.
  • November 1: Secondary application final due date.
  • July-October: Invitations for secondary applications are sent via email.
  • January-July: Decisions released.
    • Icahn Mount Sinai accepts students on a rolling basis starting in January. We assemble our waitlist in March and often accept students from this list between March and the start of school.
  • August: Invitations to interview begin to be sent via email.
  • September-February: Interviews occur.
  • May: Waitlist offers are considered.

Applicant Acceptance Decision Protocols

Icahn Mount Sinai is committed to having a transparent and professional admissions process. To this end, we ask applicants to be forthcoming in both their needs and intentions throughout our admissions cycle.

We expect applicants to follow the Association of American Medical College’s (AAMC) Application and Acceptance Protocols. Applicants who have multiple acceptance offers must make a final decision no later than April 30.

Acceptance Timeline

The following timeline equips applicants with a better understanding of our acceptance decision protocols.

Acceptance Decision Protocols

December – August: ISMMS will make admissions decisions. Applicants must acknowledge receipt of the offer of acceptance in the admissions platform

On or before March 15: Accepted applicants should consider selecting “Highly Considering Offer” within the admissions platform

April 15: The Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC) advises accepted students to narrow their offers of acceptance to three medical schools

On or before April 30: Accepted applicants should select “Accept Offer” within the admissions platform if they are ready to withdraw their applications from all other schools which accepted them

Commit to Enroll – Three to four weeks prior to orientation: Accepted applicants should select “Commit to Enroll” within the admissions platform and on the AMCAS Choose Your Medical School tool.

 If students decide to decline our offer of acceptance at any time during this process, they must update the application portal and contact us as soon as possible.

Failure to satisfy any of these requirements and deadlines will result in reevaluation of an acceptance offer by the MD Admissions Committee of Icahn Mount Sinai.

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