2019 Masters Commencement Ceremony

Thursday, June 20, 2019
Leo C. Stern Auditorium, The Mount Sinai Hospital
New York, NY

1 pm:  Graduates must be in the West Lobby Robing Area with their academic apparel
1:15 pm: Doors open for Special Needs Seating
1:30 pm: Doors open for General Seating
1:30 pm: Platform Party Arrives
2 pm: Commencement Ceremony Begins
4 pm: Commencement Ceremony Concludes

Graduates walking in June 20th Commencement can begin picking up cap & gown along with other Commencement materials including Commencement tickets in Annenberg South Lobby (near the Student Lounge) during the following times:

  • June 4th 2 - 4 PM
  • June 5th 2 - 4 PM
  • June 6th 2 - 4 PM

We are allowing designees to pick up your cap & gown if you cannot attend during these times.

Additional ticket requests are now closed. Students have been informed as to how many additional tickets they will receive. All tickets will be distributed to students during Cap & Gown pickup.

The Commencement Ceremony will be live-streamed and can be viewed at icahn.mssm.edu/livestream.

Any degree candidates who require special accommodations in order to participate in their Commencement Ceremony should contact masterscommencement@mssm.edu. Students with guests requiring early seating or special needs accommodations for Commencement should contact Alyssa Kind at ak@kindeventsny.com.

You will need to provide the name of the guest needing special accommodations, one (1) person who will accompany him/her to assist with seating, and a cell phone number for the guest. 


  • The processional will enter the auditorium beginning with the Grand Marshal, followed by the Marshals before and after the graduating students, then the Faculty and Platform Party.
  • Marshals will lead the two lines to the appropriate entrances.
    • Graduates will be seated in designated rows in the front of the auditorium.
    • Key people are those who are seated at the beginning or end of a row.
    • The seating plan is designed to ensure that you are seated in proper alphabetical order for the conferring of degrees.
    • It is extremely important that every seat be filled.
      • Do not leave any seats empty.
      • Staff will assist you in getting to the right place in line prior to the processional.
  • Please remain standing until all members of the Platform Party are in place and the Grand Marshal signals for all to be seated.

Walking from Seat to Stage

  • When walking to the stage to be hooded and receive your diploma, stay in the line-up order, as you will be called up on stage in that order.
  • At the Marshal’s signal, ONLY the entire first row will rise, turn to face right.
    • The first candidate will proceed onto the stage.
    • Proceed down the row toward the right until your name is called and then proceed onto the stage.
    • Marshals will direct you from your seat and then on to the stage.
  • As soon as the name of the next to last person in the first row is called, a Marshal will direct the entire second row to rise, turn to face to the right.
  • Repeat for each successive row.

On Stage

As your name is called, proceed across the stage as follows:

  • Make sure your hood is NOT buttoned in the back before you walk on stage.
  • Walk to the assistant hooder who will take your hood.
  • Turn towards the audience and remain there until the hooding is completed (see hooding instructions).
  • After the hooding, proceed to the diploma table to receive your diploma and congratulations from the dean.
    • Turn towards the audience when you receive your diploma (this is a key photo opportunity). A professional photographer will take your picture, which you can purchase at a later date.
    • Special Note: Your hands must be free to shake hands and accept the diploma from the dean.
  • After receiving your diploma, continue across the stage and exit using the stairs on the far side of the stage.
    • A Marshal will be at the foot of the stairs to assist you.
  • Return to your original row and remain standing, to move down, until your row is complete. Once the entire row has walked across the stage a Marshal will signal for you to be seated.


  • The Grand Marshal will announce the conclusion of the ceremony.
  • The Platform Party will leave, followed by the Faculty and then the graduates.
  • The first two rows of graduates will recess first utilizing both aisles.
  • Line leaders: please remember which direction you should be going during all the different stages of the ceremony.
    • All line leaders will be identified prior to the start of the ceremony.
  • Marshals will be there to insure you walk in the right direction.

Before the ceremony takes place, make sure you watch this hooding video so that you are prepared for what to expect when on the stage.

All graduates (MSBS, MSB, MSBMI, MSCR, MSGC, MSHCDL, and MPH) will be hooded by their Program Director.

Once you are on stage, walk up to your hooder and hand the hood to the hooding assistant, then turn and face the audience while being hooded.  After the hooding, continue to the diploma table, receive your degree, shake hands, and walk off stage to return to your assigned seat.

The Masters Achievement Award Ceremony will take place on Thursday, June 20, 2019 at 9 AM at the New York Academy of Medicine located at 1216 Fifth Avenue. Please RSVP here. All students and faculty are welcome to attend. Friends & family of award winners are also welcome to attend. There will be a breakfast reception immediately following the ceremony.

Only public parking is available.  There is metered street parking available as well as a few parking garages in the area.   

  • SP + Parking – 1292 Park Ave.  New York, NY 10029
  • 102nd St E Garage – 100 E. 102nd St.  New York, NY 10029
  • Icon Parking – 12-14 E. 107th St. New York, NY 10029

A reception for graduates and their family will take place on the Guggenheim Pavilion Atrium (1190 Fifth Avenue) immediately following the Commencement ceremony. The reception will conclude at 6 pm.

You will be allowed to take photos outside after the ceremony but you MUST return your cap, gown, and hood inside the Annenberg West Lobby.

  • After the ceremony ends, you will have 30 minutes to take pictures with your guests and return all academic regalia to the Herff Jones drop-off stations inside the Annenberg West Lobby.
    • You must return your regalia, as you will not be permitted to leave the premises with it. Remember you only have 30 minutes immediately following the ceremony to do this.
    • For example, if the ceremony ends at 3:30 pm, you will have until 4 pm to take pictures and return your cap and gown.
  • A professional photographer will be hired by the School to get shots of you being hooded and receiving your diploma on stage.
    • The photos will be made available to download; a link to view photos will be shared in July 2019.

Q: How many tickets does each student get? Can you get extra tickets?
A: Each student will get two (2) tickets. If you need more tickets, please send an email to masterscommencement@mssm.edu by April 26, 2019 and indicate how many extra tickets you will need. We will keep a list and once all the graduating students receive their tickets, we will contact everyone on the list to distribute the extras.

Q: How long is the ceremony?
A: The ceremony is approximately two hours.

Q: Can I take pictures in Stern Auditorium during the ceremony?
A: Yes, you can take pictures during the ceremony.

Q:  Can I leave tickets for family members?
A: Yes, a help desk will be placed in front of Stern Auditorium just inside the doors from the Guggenheim Atrium.

Q: Is there reserved seating?
A: There is no reserved seating.

Q: Can children attend the ceremony?
A: Yes, children can attend the ceremony but require a ticket, regardless of age.

Q: Will professional pictures be available to purchase?
A: Several weeks after Commencement, pictures will be available for purchase online.

Q: I need disabled/special seating accommodations; who can I contact?
A: For handicapped/special seating, please send an email to masterscommencement@mssm.edu.

Q: Are there any other events happening in addition to the Commencement Ceremony?
A: Yes, the Dean’s reception will immediately follow the ceremony in the Guggenheim Atrium. All graduates and their guests are welcome to join. The Mount Sinai Achievement Ceremony will be held on Thursday, June 20, 2019 at 9 am, with a breakfast reception immediately following.