Master of Health Administration

The Master of Health Administration (MHA) program, at the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, is designed to create a new class of well-prepared managers to oversee superior care and deliver outstanding value for their organization and the populations they serve. Our combination of a top-rated medical school and world-class integrated eight-hospital health care system provides you with an extraordinary environment in which to learn, one where you will get plenty of hands-on experience as well as critical strategic and operational knowledge.

What makes the Mount Sinai MHA unique?

  • You will earn simultaneous Lean Management and Project Management certifications. 
  • Courses using a blended online learning design that enhances convenient live access without sacrificing critical face-to-face learning time.
  • Gain connections to Mount Sinai Health System career recruiters/talent network and supported membership to the American Congress of Healthcare Executives 
  • Leverage direct access to leading national experts and the vast learning network of the Mount Sinai Health System, including multiple internship and capstone project opportunities.
  • You will be taught by senior and executive-level professionals who are actually confronting today’s challenges and leading health care innovation. 

Health administration is evolving at a rapid pace—opening up a vast array of professional opportunities for highly motivated people looking to make a positive impact. Today’s health care administrators face policy, economic, legal, cultural, organizational, and medical imperatives that are constantly shifting. Innovative thinking has never been more in demand. As a professional in this field, you need new and adaptable skills in strategic thinking, systems operation and process, policy creation, and management to navigate the demands of the marketplace. When you join us, you will be backed and, eventually, become part of the Icahn School of Medicine’s 26,000 strong alumni network of leading health care professionals. 

“When you come to the Icahn School of Medicine, you join a supportive group of tomorrow’s health care leaders. The relationships you build, the ideas you share, and the knowledge and skills you acquire will propel your career forward.”
- Brian Nickerson, PhD, JD, Senior Associate Dean for Master's Programs

Core Competencies

To help you develop effective management skills in health care delivery, our program will cultivate your competencies in three areas:

Technical and Substantive Knowledge

  • Analyze economic data and financial information for strategic decision-making, understand market influences, and create organizational efficiencies and cost savings
  • Apply operations management tools and practices to optimize performance, including the lean and other process improvement methodologies
  • Leverage information systems and technologies to improve patient-centered health care delivery
  • Master the tenets of human resource management
  • Understand the content and implications of the Affordable Care Act, the nature of the regulatory system, and the intricacies of medical reimbursement and payment systems
  • Identify social and behavioral factors of public health, and craft methodologies for successful public health interventions

Conceptual Reasoning

  • Understand and develop rationales, theories, and models of health care policymaking
  • Develop effective strategic thinking, planning, and implementation skills
  • Build skills to foster innovation, including psychology, processes, and implementation
  • Enhance knowledge of effective communications strategies and principles
  • Develop a firm grasp on policy perspectives and context about health care delivery issues
  • Improve problem-solving skills, while balancing financial, legal, and medical considerations

Skills Development

  • Learn to build teams and manage decision-making
  • Expand and improve leadership skills for projects, initiatives, and teams
  • Handle and manage conflicts at every level of the organization
  • Improve your ability to serve diverse populations and cultures
  • Recognize, analyze, and address ethical issues concerning health care delivery

Have 5+ years of health care experience already? Then you may want to consider our Health Care Delivery Leadership Master’s Program