How to Apply

We fill all positions for the General Surgery Residency using the National Resident Match Program with the Electronic Residency Application Service.

We do not have a formal application deadline. You may begin submitting applications at the beginning of September. It is better to complete your application sooner rather than later.

We accept two (2) categorical PGY-1 surgeon scientist positions, ten (10) categorical PGY-1 resident positions and nine (9) spots for designated preliminary residents who spend one year in general surgery then continue their training in specialties such as anesthesia, emergency medicine, ophthalmology, oral and maxillofacial surgery, radiology, or urology. We also have twelve (12) spots for non-designated preliminary residents.

We invite interviewees to meet our house staff the evening before their interviews at an informal get-together (whether virtually or in-person). We have found that it is a very useful way to learn about our residency program.

Second-Look Visit

We encourage applicants who have interviewed with us to come back to our campus for a Second Look Visit (taking into account all COVID-19 precautions). You spend a day with a house officer, starting with the Department's weekly Morbidity and Mortality conference and Grand Rounds and continuing on to the operating room or surgical patient wards.