Message from the Director

The mission of our Fellowship Program in Nephrology is to prepare our fellows for the next decade of nephrology - whether they choose careers in academic or clinical nephrology. The Mount Sinai Health System is an outstanding institution where trainees can accomplish this goal, with a rich clinical history, a beautiful facility on New York's Upper East Side, and a faculty committed to training in all aspects of nephrology.

Our Division boasts nearly 40 full-time faculty members with approximately $14 million in annual National Institutes of Healthy (NIH) funding. The majority of our graduates over the past 10 years now hold full-time academic faculty appointments. Our Division has active programs for both acute and long-term management of the kidney patient, an end-stage kidney disease program that includes a modern outpatient facility with both hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis, and an active kidney and pancreas transplantation program. In addition, ongoing clinical and basic research projects study  glomerular disease, biomarker discovery, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) associated nephropathy, hypertension, transplantation, dialysis, vascular access, cystic kidney disease, kidney transport, kidney stem cells and development, and genetics of kidney disease. We are committed to providing appropriate training for those interested in pursuing careers as physician-scientists. Our Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences offers 10 Master’s degree programs in biomedical sciences, clinical research, public health, biostatistics and biomedical informatics, or health care practice.

Junior faculty members are supported for additional years of research through access by our Division’s two NIH T32 training grants and an institutional Clinical Translational Science Award (CTSA). For those with a specific interest in transplantation, fellows can subspecialize in a one-year American Society of Transplantation accredited training program – one of three such programs in New York City. Additional one-year clinical training opportunities are also available for Critical Care, Home Dialysis, Glomerular Disease, Geriatrics, and Palliative Medicine.

This is an exciting time to train in nephrology, and Mount Sinai is the ideal place to complete nephrology training. With an improved understanding of the molecular basis for kidney disease, the nephrologist's diagnostic armamentarium is ever increasing. Molecular therapies for chronic kidney disease are currently under investigation and the potential to substantively alter our therapeutic approach to kidney disease exists now more than ever. The Mount Sinai Health System is committed to the development of these technologies to improve patient care and a wealth of scientific support is available in genetics, gene therapy, molecular biology, cell biology, immunology, and physiology.

The Nephrology Fellowship at Mount Sinai provides a real opportunity for the motivated candidate. Fellows who complete our program are well-prepared for a career in clinical practice, academic nephrology, and basic or clinical research. We are committed to our fellows and their success.

Miriam Chung, MD

Director, Nephrology Fellowship Program
Associate Professor of Medicine, Nephrology

Program Director
Miriam Chung, MD
Tel: 212-241-8004

Associate Program Director
Samira Farouk, MD, MSCR
Tel: 212-241-8004

Associate Program Director
Holly Koncicki, MD

Tel: 212-241-8004

Associate Program Director
Lili Chan, MD

Tel: 212-241-8004

Site Director
Nikolas Harbord, MD
Mount Sinai Beth Israel
Tel: 212-420-4070

Steven Smith, MD
Mount Sinai West and Mount Sinai Morningside
Tel: 212-523-3530

C. Sandra Okafor
Tel: 212-241-3549

Fellowship Program Coordinator
Cassidie Derras
Tel: 212-241-0693

Sr. Grants & Contracts Specialist
Enrico Cruz
Tel: 212-241-7337

John He, MD, PhD
: Chief of Nephrology
Kirk Campbell, MD: Program Director, Mount Sinai Nephrology Fellowship Program
Nikolas Harbord, MD: Site Director, Mount Sinai Beth Israel, Fellowship 
Miriam Chung, MD: Associate Program Director, Fellowship, Director, Clinical Conference
Lili Chan, MD: Co-Director Research Conference & Associate Director, Clinical Research, Associate Program Director
Steven Coca, DO: Director, Clinical Research
Nicholas Chun, MD: Co-Director Journal Club
Veronica Delaney, MD, PhD: Transplant Nephrology
Samira Farouk, MD: Associate Program Director and Social Media Director, Co-Director, Journal Club
Tonia Kim, MD: Medical School Course Director, Renal Pathophysiology
Holly Koncicki, MD: Wellness Champion, Associate Program Director
Vijay Lapsia, MD: Director, Outpatient Dialysis Unit
Staci Leisman, MD: Medical School Course Director, Physiology
Lisa Satlin, MD: Chair, Department of Pediatrics
Shuchita Sharma, MD: Co-Director, Home Dialysis Unit
Fasika Tedla, MD: Medical Director, Transplant Nephrology
Joji Tokita, MD: Director, Clinical Nephrology
Jaime Uribarri, MD: Director, Fellows Clinic, Co-Director, Home Dialysis Unit