The Brain Injury Research Center (BIRC) distributes a seasonal e-newsletter with information on our current research studies, pertinent news related to TBI, and resources for health care professionals and others with an interest in brain injury topics.

Spring 2023

In honor of Brain Injury Awareness Month in March, this issue highlights our research participants, caregivers, research team, and clinical team who are united under the goal of improving the lives of TBI survivors. We hear testimonials and bring in different perspectives on brain injury.

Winter 2022

This issue highlights the wonderful caregiver in the lives of our research participants, research team, and clinical team at the BIRC. We also celebrate the contributions of BIRC researchers at the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine Conference in Chicago, IL.  

Fall 2022

This fall, the BIRC attended the March On for Brain Injury in support of the Brain Injury Association of New York State (BIANYS). In this issue, we share some photos from our time there and highlight several of our cutting-edge research studies, namely our Traumatic Brain Injury Model Systems study.

Summer 2022

This issue highlights the importance of physical activity following TBI and provides information on post-traumatic epilepsy (PTE). You can also read about our ongoing research studies and learn about the groundbreaking NIJ-REACH study.

Spring 2022

This issue highlights brain injury awareness month, information regarding brain donation, and the Post-TBI ADRD Panel at the 2022 ADRD Virtual Summit led by Dr. Kristen Dams-O’Connor.

Winter 2021

This issue includes our collaboration with Mount Sinai’s Sexual Assault and Violence Interventions Program (SAVI), spotlights ongoing brain injury support groups, and introduces our new staff members.

Fall 2021

This issue highlights the BIANYS march on for brain injury, our community spotlight, and celebrating Dr. Raj Kumar on his NIH K99/R00 award.

Summer 2021

This issue includes information regarding the COVID-19 vaccine, introducing our new staff members, and celebrating Dr. Kristen Dams-O’Connor receiving the ACRM Edward Lowman Award.

Spring 2021

This issue highlights brain injury awareness month, information on how individuals with TBI can access and schedule COVID-19 vaccine, and new BIRC publications.  

Fall 2020

This issue highlights survivor two recent publications: 1) one publication focuses on an overview regarding the physical, neurological & psychological consequences following Nonfatal Strangulation (NFS), post- Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) and 2)  the second publication seeks to better understand individuals who may be at heightened risk for Opioid Use Disorder (OUD), in particular individuals with traumatic brain injury (TBI). We also highlight a TBI survivor, Stephanie Schultz's, childrens book titled "Cameron’s Dinosaur Band."

Spring 2020 

This issue provides resources and information on the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) for individuals with TBI and their loved ones.  

Spring 2019

This issue discusses recent events 

Fall 2018

This issue discusses

Summer 2018

On May 23, 2018, the BIRC, PINK Concussions, and the Friedman Brain Institute hosted the first ever conference on CTE in the female brain, “CTE in the Female Brain: Researching Answers for Women Athletes, Veterans, and Brain Injury Survivors”. The event brough together clinician-scientists and brain injury survivors to discuss current research, personal experiences, and future directions in CTE and TBI research and treatment. 

Spring 2018

This issue discusses

Winter 2018

This issue highlights local Brain Injury Awareness Month events, and two recent publications at the BIRC, one providing groundbreaking results of methods used in our Late-Effects of Traumatic Brain Injury study, and the other focusing on results from TBI focus groups. The newsletter also features a compelling story of recovery and community engagement from one of our research participants.

Fall 2017

This issue focuses on support groups available in New York for individuals with TBI and for family members and loved ones. We also discuss the importance of brain donation in its progression of research in TBI.

Summer 2017

This issue discusses recent and exciting research in brain injury, including a new drug that may restore memory in brain-injured mice. It also covers some common myths and important facts about TBI, useful phone apps for people living with a brain injury, and anecdotes from long-term attendees of our support groups here at the BIRC.

Spring 2017

This issue includes an interactive video with neuroscientist, Dr. Gillian Holtz, who answers our questions about concussion and a consumer report, written by one of our postdoctoral fellows, discussing whether health-related factors in older adults affect their risk for TBI.

Fall/Winter 2016

This issue highlights brain injury awareness month, and provides information on how to register for both professional and caregiver webinars through the Brain Injury Association of America’s webinar series.

Spring/Summer 2016

This issue of the newsletter discusses brain scans that may help predict return of consciousness in vegetative patients, as well as brain dictionary maps which show where specific words are represented in the mind. This issue includes a podcast as well, in which Gabrielle Guetta, one of our clinical research coordinators here at the BIRC, talks to Cavin Balaster and Alek Hess about TBI Model Systems and our center in general.

Spring/Summer 2015

This issue spotlights Sergio Di Giovanni, the developer of the QCard App, a phone application that can help TBI survivors as well as those with ADHD, Alzheimer’s, dementia, and age-related cognitive decline.

Winter 2015

Here we highlight passage of the Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Act and touch upon Brain Injury Awareness Month.

Fall 2015

Here we focus on the new regulations to limit headers in soccer, and discuss the movie, “Concussion.” This issue also includes an article by Kristen Dams-O’Connor, PhD, in which she discusses the strength and resilience of people reinventing their lives after a TBI.

Spring 2014

This issue includes information about the effectiveness of cognitive rehab and the diagnosis, management, and treatment of concussion in children and adolescents.

Fall 2014

We discuss the traumatic Brain Injury Reauthorization Act of 2014 and the Medicaid waiver for people with TBI. In this issue we also briefly introduce the Brain Trauma Foundation, a resource for continued education for professionals caring for TBI patients.

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