Resources for Kids with TBI

Children with a traumatic brain injury (TBI) have specific needs and require their own resources. The following materials and services help children and the families who are affected by TBI.

Systematic Review and Clinical Recommendations for Healthcare Providers on the Diagnosis and Management of Mild TBI among Children

This is the most comprehensive review of pediatric mTBI scientific evidence to date, summarizing 25 years of scientific research. It is the first set of U.S. evidence-based clinical recommendations for healthcare providers that covers all causes of pediatric mTBI, and includes guidance for primary care, outpatient specialty care, inpatient care, and emergency care settings. 

Educational Needs of Children with TBI

State of the States: Meeting the Education Needs of Children with Traumatic Brain Injury is a recent report that evaluates how public schools across America are meeting the education needs of children who have suffered TBI.

Diagnosis, Management and Treatment of Concussion in Children and Adolescents

New York State implemented a concussion law mandating that all children concussed in school sports be removed from play for at least 24 hours, with returns to school and sport determined only by a physician. Concussion is an area where public policy rather than science is leading the decision-making. This workshop reviews the signs and symptoms of concussion, the neurophysiology of concussion, methods of identification, assessment and diagnosis, and current best practices with regard to return to usual activities. For more information about the diagnosis, management, and treatment of concussions in children and adolescents, contact Margaret Brown at

Concussion Clinic

Our Concussion Clinic provides evaluation, management, and follow-up services for adolescents and adults who sustain a concussion. For more information about the Concussion Clinic, call 212-241-2221.

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