Mount Sinai Clinical Intelligence Center

About Us

The Mount Sinai Clinical Intelligence Center (MSCIC) represents a diverse group of data scientists, engineers, clinical physicians and researchers who joined together in the Spring of 2020 to commit their expertise to combat the Covid-19 pandemic in our community. Having risen organically amidst tragedy – is uniquely positioned to bring to life the long-promised dream of providing data analytic solutions to MSHS that will not only allow us to combat the current threat of Covid-19 but also ensure Mount Sinai is battle-ready for future crises.

Focus Areas

Power of Data

Predictive Modeling

Multiscale Data

Informatics Consult

MSCIC, in partnership with the CDS team, the Mount Sinai Data Ark, Departments of Genetics, Pathology, Radiology, Cardiology, and HPIMS, maintains and operates a harmonized data-mart to enable unique clinical analytics capabilities

Focusing on high priority clinical care targets, we build models to improve provider awareness and timely intervention, and enhance overall hospital operations.


Bringing together Mount Sinai’s top experts in next- and third-generation sequencing, immune profiling, and clinical pathology, MSCIC serves as a hub for innovation where new ways of combining data at scales once unimaginable are developed.

Taking new knowledge from the first three core focus areas from “bench to bedside”, deploying models for use by clinicians in the real world of MSHS through our Critical Informatics Consultation Service and Rapid Clinical Intervention Toolkit.

Warrior Watch Study

The Warrior Watch Study supports health care warriors throughout the Mount Sinai Health Care System’s battle with COVID-19. Led by Robert Hirten, MD and Zahi Fayad, PhD, the study draws upon the collaborative efforts of the Mount Sinai COVID Informatics Center (MSCIC) and is open to all employees in the health system. It uses a unique phone App to administer questions and collects data from an Apple Watch, worn by participants, in order to better understand the impact of COVID-19. Utilizing this unique digital platform, the project has to goals: to study and understand the impact that COVID-19 is having on the psychological well-being of health care workers and how this stress can be relieved, and to identify COVID-19 infections in our employees prior to the development of symptoms.

Those who are interested are encouraged to reach out to the study team by emailing

The Wellness Hub App

Mount Sinai recognizes the toll fighting COVID-19 is taking on our health care workers, including doctors, nurses, trainees, students, chaplains, social workers and support staff. The trauma and grief of losing patients, the anxiety over potentially exposing family members to the virus, and fears of contracting COVID-19 themselves can take a toll. We know that our staff have been working at an intensity level so stressful that many will likely suffer mental health consequences and we also know that many of the same strengths that our workers have brought to bear in the fight against the coronavirus will help them through this.

In collaboration with MSCIC, HPI.MS has created an app for healthcare workers to focus on their mental health and wellbeing, as well as providing resources for how to cope and where to go to speak to someone in the Health System. The Wellness Hub app is for personal use and will allow healthcare workers to journal daily and track their feelings overtime, assess their mental health with screeners and scores to understand their results, display educational content and videos for coping with stressors, provide resources available at the Center, such as a 24 hour hotline and appointment schedulers. The goal of the app is to provide a tool that will help our workers recover and even become more resilient, helping to ensure the future of our health care system.


Weekly Work In Progress Lectures
MSCIC hosts a 1 hour weekly meeting every Friday at 2pm ET for discussion and promotion of innovative research initiatives happening across Mount Sinai and with collaborators around the globe. 

MSCIC COVID-19 Research Symposium
On November 20, 2020 MSCIC will host an exciting virtual event that will bring together speakers from across the Mount Sinai community to highlight the breadth of excellence in research during the COVID-19 pandemic.