IACUC Applications

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Ideate Portal

There are two types of IACUC forms: one for Initial applications (also used for the addenda and continuations), and a shorter one for a yearly progress report. Both forms are logic-driven, user-friendly, state-of-the-art electronic documents available online via the Ideate portal. Submission, processing, and review of IACUC applications are done online.

Help with IACUC Forms

IACUC office personnel can assist with answering questions regarding completing an IACUC research application. The IACUC strongly recommends that Investigators consult the Center for Comparative Medicine and Surgery (CCMS) Veterinarians during the development of a study protocol to ensure that appropriate measures are taken to minimize risks of pain and/or distress to experimental animals. The IACUC also requires that Investigators consult with the Biosafety and Radiation Safety Officers if the protocol requires the use of hazardous, biological, chemical or radioactive materials.

Help with Ideate System Issues

When encountering technical issues in completing or submitting IACUC forms via the Ideate portal, applicants should contact the IT department . Help may also be obtained by contacting the IACUC office.

Review of IACUC Applications

The IACUC may approve, withhold approval, or require modifications of any proposed activity related to animal use and care before issuing the final approval of a protocol. An integral part of the review of studies involving chemical, biological, and radiological hazards is a risk assessment and occupational health safety evaluation by Institutional Safety Officers and/or by the Institutional Biosafety Committee.

IACUC approval is granted after all reviews have been completed and the Principal Investigators (PIs) have responded adequately to all requests for modifications of the protocol. Approvals are granted for a period of three years. Investigators are required to file a progress report at the beginning of each year. Upon expiration of the three-year approval period, PIs must submit a new IACUC application.