Closing an IACUC Protocol

The purpose of this IACUC policy is to provide a description of the procedures required for Principal Investigators to close a study that has been approved by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine and Health System.

Who May Close a Protocol?

Once a study has concluded and there is no plan to renew or continue the research outlined in an approved IACUC protocol, the Principal Investigator must ensure that the protocol has been closed and the IACUC has been informed regarding the disposition of the protocol.

Who is Authorized to Close a Protocol?

The Principal Investigator, his/her Delegate and the IACUC are authorized to close a protocol. The Principal Investigator and the authorized delegate must close the protocol if any of following criteria exists:

  • The protocol is not funded and the PI is unable to initiate the research.
  • The PI is no longer employed by the Mount Sinai Health System and there are plans to continue the research at another Institution.
  • The research outlined in the protocol is complete and there is no plan to continue the study.

Final Report Requirements:

A final report must include all information regarding the study, the disposition of animals remaining in the vivaria, issues encountered during the study, adverse events and the research outcomes.

Submit a Final Report within 1-10 business days of ending the study to:

  • Contact the Center for Comparative Medicine and Surgery (CCMS) department to settle outstanding expenditures associated with the protocol at (212) 241-3008.
  • Contact the Mount Sinai Finance Department and request that fund accounts linked to the closed protocol be unlinked.

Unused or Remaining Animals:

All animals that remain in the Center for Comparative Medicine and Surgery (CCMS) vivaria after a protocol has been closed must be transferred to an approved IACUC protocol. Animals must not be housed in the vivaria under an expired or closed protocol.  Contact the CCMS department to arrange for appropriate animal transfers at 212-241-3008.

For questions, contact the IACUC office at (212) 241-0153 or

Note: All Principal Investigators (PIs) who are terminating employment with the Mount Sinai Health System must close-out all of  their research projects with the IACUC and related departments (e.g., CCMS, Grants and Contracts Office, Finance, etc.).

The PI Exit Checklist must be used to ensure the closure of all protocols and associated accounts.

PIs who plan to maintain laboratories within the Mount Sinai Health System in conjunction with heading a laboratory at another Institution must contact the IACUC Office at (212) 241-0153 for special instruction.