ISMMS Research Freezer Monitoring Program

The Minus80 Critical Temperature Monitoring service was selected as the “recommended” institutional vendor for our ISMMS Research Freezer Monitoring Program. One of the findings from the 2019 Freezer Task Force Report was that 25 percent of the freezers on campus are not monitored by any temperature reporting system. The report also noted that 25 percent of the freezers are not connected to emergency power (not necessarily the same 25 percent). We highly recommend that all freezers, liquid nitrogen containers, refrigerators, etc., are connected to a temperature monitoring device. While evaluating the available monitoring platforms and preparing the 2019 Freezer Task Force Report, it became clear that many departments and/or labs are currently using the Minus 80 Monitoring system. The satisfaction with this vendor is high, and the installation cost is reasonable.

Minus80 partnered with Cryostar Industries, Inc., to ease installation and assist with emergency repair of freezers for their clients. Cryostar is a reputable vendor for freezer maintenance and repair and serviced equipment on campus for many years. As a local New York vendor, their response time and professionalism have been exemplary.

ISMMS Research Freezer Monitoring Program Specifics:

  • The Program – Data collection devices have been installed across campus, in all research buildings, covering all research floors.
  • Freezer Probes – Each researcher/lab can elect to outfit their units with a temperature monitoring probe, door opening sensor, and 24/7 call-out features.
  • Costs - The cost for each freezer is $213 per unit/year. Each lab/Department/PI must establish their own account with Minus80.

Please contact the Minus80 Critical Temperature Monitoring service directly by email or by phone (855-646-8789) to schedule installation. You may contact Anthony Kelly & Anthony Smalls, Research Operations & Infrastructure Program Managers, with specific questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our frequently asked questions about the Minus80 Monitoring Program.

Minus80 Monitoring provides a subscription-based monitoring service. They provide and maintain the onsite equipment. The monitoring unit that goes on your freezers is battery powered and wireless (five to seven year battery life---Minus80 replaces when they go low). It continually monitors the freezer's internal temperature (with its own separate probe) and door events. You and your staff use a web-based user interface to log in and see real-time temperatures, historical reports, set temperature thresholds, and configure alerts (sent via text, email, and voice). The cost is $213 annually freezer, refrigerator. The reports meet all regulatory requirements. CLIA, GMP, and FDA Title 21, part 11.

You will need to contact Cryostar when a failure occurs to schedule a service visit or repair your freezer.

The monitoring unit is what is installed on each freezer. It is battery powered (five to seven year battery life) and wireless. It provides a probe and door monitoring connection. It is one per freezer. The monitoring unit reports its information to the cloud where users manage and administer from a web based UI. The web based UI is easy and intuitive. It allows for online viewing of real time temperature, historical reports and configuration of alert settings (sent via text, email or voice).