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ThermoFisher Scientific's Supply Center at Hess Freezer Farm

The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai has partnered with ThermoFisher Scientific to host their Supply Center operation at our Hess Freezer Farm. The benefits include:

  • Shipping is free
  • Majority of orders will be delivered within 24-48 hours
    • Check your order status with your purchase order number and Zip code
    • Delays or back-ordered items can be addressed with Thermo Fisher at (888) 584-8840 or supplycenters@thermofisher.com
  • We assist with tracking lost orders and replacement items that are lost or damaged

To set up an account, please email SupplyCenter@mssm.edu, and we will notify our Thermofisher Account Manager, Lindsey Kemp, to create your account. Once your account is created, you may place orders using your lab or department fund number(s). After you place your order, the SupplyCenter@mssm.edu email address will receive a notification to approve your order. Once any item within your order is received, we unpack, label, contact you, and store item(s) at the appropriate temperatures until you pick up your item(s).

All orders placed outside of this operation are considered non-Hess Supply Center orders and direct Thermofisher/Fisher Scientific Life Sciences purchases. Thus, we will not be responsible for follow-up on missing items/shipments or replacements. Since you placed a direct order, you must follow up directly with Thermofisher or Fisher Scientific Life Sciences.

Our location is:

Hess Building
Supply Center/Freezer Farm
1470 Madison Ave
SC2M Floor, Room 106
New York, NY 10029
Email: SupplyCenter@mssm.edu

Stem Cell Engineering CoRE Reagents

The Stem Cell Engineering CoRE supports researchers at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in their work to describe how pluripotent and adult stem cells function, harness stem cells to repair tissues, model human diseases, and bring new therapies to patients. The Supply Center assists the Stem Cell Engineering CoRE with fulfilling reagent orders placed on iLabs. Once users place orders through iLabs, they may pick them up at the Supply Center during the pickup windows.

Current reagents being sold are:

  • Accutase (SCEC25)

  • B27 (50X, 10mL) (SCEC09)

  • B27 minus insulin (SCEC27)

  • B27 minus vitamin A (SCEC111)

  • BAMBANKER (120mL) (SCEC24)

  • CloneR2 25 ml (SCEC77)

  • Cytotune 2.0 (SCEC92)

  • FBS validated for neuronal cultures

  • FGF2 DISCs (Pack of 12) (SCEC101)

  • Geltrex (hESC-qualified, RGF, LDEV-Free, 5mL) (SCEC69)

  • Hematopoietic Kit (HPCs) (SCEC66)

  • Holo-Transferrin (SCEC68)

  • Insulin solution human (5mL) (SCEC67)

  • Knockout Serum Replacement (500 mL) (SCEC49)

  • Knockout Serum Replacement (aliquots) (SCEC46)

  • Matrigel (354230 - GFR, LDEV-Free, 10mL) (SCEC61)

  • Matrigel (354234 - Basement Membrane, LDEV-Free, 10mL) (SCEC62)

  • Matrigel (354277 - hESC-Qualified, LDEV-Free, 5mL) (SCEC63)

  • mTeSR Plus Kit (SCEC41)

  • N2 (100X, 5mL) (SCEC65)

  • Ngn2 lentivirus

  • P3 Primary Cell 4D-Nucleofector X Kit L (V4XP-3024) (SCEC90)

  • RPMI 1640 Media (SCEC75)

  • StemFlex Kit (SCEC42)

  • Thiazovivin (10mg, Powder) (SCEC31)

Freezer Farm Storage

In addition to supply services, Hess Freezer Farm also provides storage to support Icahn Mount Sinai researchers. Hess Freezer Farm is one of the facility locations for the Freezer Farm Dean's CoRE. The Freezer Farm Dean's CoRE provides secure, state-of-the-art fully equipped facilities to meet top scientific and research requirements.

Researchers may relocate valuable short and long-term sample inventory to our care. A variety of support systems and services actively ensure the safety and preservation of materials, such as:

  • Safety:

    • Emergency electrical backup system and team for transport/response

    • Bar-code access for inventory services

  • Materials Preservation:

    • Monitoring and recording of all temperature systems

    • Preventative freezer maintenance, as needed

    • Availability of dry ice and shipping materials

Those interested are encouraged to visit the Freezer Farm Dean's CoRE for more information.