Genomic Medicine

The Division of Genomic Medicine (DGM) aims to advance, implement, and scale genomic approaches to improve the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease. Through patient-centered clinical applications, collaborative research, and innovative outreach and training programs, the DGM is creating an individualized medicine experience in which genomic data are a routine part of patient care.

Clinical Goals:
We provide individualized care for adults through:

  • Genomic counseling, testing, and management of known or suspected genomic conditions
  • Genomic risk assessment and screening for preventive health
  • Polygenic risk assessment for cancer and cardiovascular diseases
  • Interpretation and assessment of prior genomic testing, including direct-to-consumer tests

Genomic Medicine Education:
We want to educate and train future leaders of medicine in the rapidly expanding field of Genomic Medicine. To that end, we have created a Genomics curriculum for our interns for the Internal Medicine Residency Program at The Mount Sinai Hospital. Additionally, we’ve begun a new Genomic Medicine Track in that same residency for those who are interested in pursuing this field.

For our attendings, we’ve developed a Continuing Medical Education program that includes a yearly conference called, “Speaking Genomics in Clinical Care,” as well as case conferences and grand rounds. Finally we are engaging with clinicians across the health system in all departments and specialties to educate and showcase what Genomic Medicine can do for patients.

Innovations in Research:
Translational research in genomic medicine is truly at the forefront of medical innovation today and we are proud to be leaders in this field. We are conducting research in a number of promising areas that will ultimately prove to have a lasting and meaningful impact on the field as well as our patients. These include:

  • Health-related outcomes and cost-effectiveness of genomic screening
  • Prevalence, clinical impact, and natural history studies using a genomics-first approach
  • Early implementation of polygenic scores into clinical practice
  • Artificial intelligence-driven patient navigation and clinical decision support

Finally, our division collaborates closely with the Institute for Genomic Health, Institute for Personalized Medicine, Institute for Digital Health, Department of Genetics and Genomic Sciences, and other departments and divisions within the Mount Sinai Health System to develop innovative applications and uses for our discoveries.