Second Opinion

In medicine, it's not just the first reading of a case that matters; a second opinion can give an entirely different diagnosis and treatment regimen. At Mount Sinai, a second opinion read by one of our expert pathologists will carry with it the weight of some of the foremost experts in their specialties and a history of receiving one of the heaviest caseloads in the United States. Whether it's a common affliction or one seen only a few times nationwide, our pathologists will be able to provide a second opinion that will lead to the best course of treatment.

To obtain a second opinion, please be sure to send the following required items:

  • Second Opinion Request Form, filled out completely
  • This form is to be completed if autofaxed reports are being requested instead of mailed reports
  • Copy of the original Pathology Report from the originating institution or referring physician
  • Diagnostic slides to be reviewed
  • Unstained slides if staining additional studies or further testing is being requested

All items should be sent to:

Mount Sinai Hospital, Department of Pathology
1 Gustave L. Levy Pl., Box 1194
New York, NY 10029 

To find out whether the slides have been received, contact the Slide Room at 212-241-2675. To check on the status of reports, our Reports division can be contacted at (212) 241-7373. For more information about billing, call (800) 633-9165.