MS in Health Care Delivery Leadership

The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai developed its MS program in Health Care Delivery Leadership to help health care professionals meet today’s exciting challenges.

Unlike other programs that focus primarily on theory, this degree program is offered at the frontlines of health care delivery innovation. Our world-class faculty use a combination of seminars, online classes, and applied projects so you can implement what you’ve learned. Our program is designed to help highly motivated health care professionals attain expanded leadership roles.

Offered by the Department of Population Health Science and Policy in the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, our program relies on the vast resources of the Mount Sinai Health System. You can expect direct access to our faculty experts, many of them national leaders in health care reform. You will also receive extensive leadership training in areas such as:

  • Operations management and health policy
  • Strategic planning and communications
  • Efficient application of data and technology
  • Clinical innovations, health care economics, and finance

In addition, program benefits include:

  • Mentors from our innovative leadership and faculty during the development of a strategic improvement project.
  • Access to industry experts and alumni from the School.
  • Opportunities to develop personal leadership skills, including conducting self-assessments.
  • Training and technical support so you can take full advantage of the online learning experience.
  • An e-learning management system that is easy to use to help you complete your course work.

Once you've completed the program, you will be better equipped to manage and lead health care delivery organizations, drive change, solve complex problems, and create dynamic new approaches that will improve the quality, value, and cost of patient care.

Option 1: Accelerated Masters of Science Degree 
2 weeks on-campus training + 16 months online

Option 2: Part-Time Masters of Science Degree 
2 weeks on-campus training + online coursework completed part-time over 30 months (approx. 4 courses per year)

Earn a degree that offers you intensive personalized leadership development plus a full complement of strategic knowledge and managerial tools to drive effective change in health care delivery.

And we are now offering additional non-degree options:

Intensive Leadership Development Training Course 
3-day on-campus training + 1 follow-up online course (6 weeks, 3 hours per week)

The 3-day intensive personalized leadership development session runs September 13-15, 2019 and provides:

  1. a detailed assessment designed to further positive leadership behaviors, as well as identify significant "blindspots"
  2. small group training focused on mastering high-impact leadership skills, especially in a team setting, and
  3. an opportunity to develop an actionable leadership plan to optimize leadership behaviors for greater impact.

Skill building in the follow-up online course runs from early January to mid February and stresses: conflict management, difficult conversations, coaching skills, change management, creating high powered teams, effective time management, emotional intelligence and active communication skills, leading in challenging times, and motvational tactics for leadership.

Are you new to health care (less than 5 years of experience) or looking to enter the field? Then our MHA program may be right for you.

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