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Master of Science in Clinical Research

The Master of Science in Clinical Research (MSCR) program is an interdisciplinary research degree program housed within the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. The program is designed to impart the knowledge and skills needed for a successful career as a principal investigator and collaborator in clinical research.

The MSCR program may inspire graduates to pursue additional training in health- related fields of scientific inquiry. In this instance, the MSCR may serve as bridge to further educational opportunities in science and medicine, or career advancement in health care, pharmaceuticals, and the biotechnology sectors. Our program nurtures well-rounded, forward-thinking students through inspired curricular offerings with a focus on catalyzing acumen in biostatistics, clinical epidemiology, research study design, data analysis, and grant writing, complemented by mentored clinical research experiences.

Our program attracts veterinary medicine, medical, dental, and scientific professionals, including postdoctoral fellows, junior faculty, advanced practice nurses, physician assistants, allied health care professionals, and recent college graduates seeking compelling opportunities for educational advancement and additional training in patient-oriented research.

The curriculum is tailored to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to advance clinical research careers across diverse scientific and health-related fields of inquiry.  Intentionally curriculum mapped coursework, impactful mentored research project participation, publication, and funding procurement opportunities await our talented students. Our graduates emerge as competitive candidates for varied roles and positions within the larger clinical research enterprise, clinical and basic science PhD programs, faculty appointments, and other health care and scientific opportunities.

The MSCR Program is designed to be completed in two years and requires a minimum of 38 credit hours. On a case by case basis, we allow the program to be completed over a longer three-year period. Candidates with an exceptional background and previous demonstration of knowledge in specific curricular domains as measured by successful completion of a waiver exam, may be allowed to enter an accelerated version of the program and complete the degree in one year. With small class sizes and access to world-class faculty, you will receive individualized support while pursuing your career goals and aspirations.

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