Program Structure

The Fogarty International Program grant runs for five years. It involves training three cohorts of eight to thirteen trainees.  Each group participates in the program for two years and completes a total of eleven on-site and online courses.  Students receive relevant textbooks and access to electronic resources, and they earn a Certificate for the successful completion of the program.

By the end of this comprehensive curriculum, participants should be able to:

  • Refer to the historical evolution of research ethics and the development of protections for human subjects
  • Explain basic concepts of research ethics Identify and employ the guiding principles of research ethics
  • Evaluate clinical studies in terms of ethical considerations
  • Review the research ethics literature and use it in addressing questions related to the ethics of clinical research
  • Justify decisions about the ethical conduct of research in terms of reasons that other reasonable clinician-scientists could accept
  • Contribute original insights to the assessment of research protocols and to the research ethics literature
  • Design and teach a course in research ethics
  • Provide leadership in establishing and running institutional research ethics activities”