Student Projects

In addition to the research projects that you will engage in throughout the summer, you may work on other projects during your time with the Summer Undergraduate Research Program – including a culminating session of poster presentations, in which all fellows take part.

2017 Student Poster Presentations

Presentation Topic



Investigating a Potential Checkpoint in the Type-I Interferon Pathway  Ferdinand Amanor  Joseph Ashour, PhD
Delineating the Role of Elk1 as a Key Regulator of Synaptic Plasticity and Heroin Abuse Vulnerability through Modulation of the Ubiquitin-Proteasomal System  Yared Argaw Yasmin Hurd, PhD
Fasg12D Causes More Proliferation than Rasg12V in Drosophila Pancreatic Cancer Models  Faviola Bernard Ross Cagan, PhD
Screening for Genetic Determinants in HIV-1 Env Cytoplasmic Tail that Influence Infectivity and Sensitivity to Neutralizing Antibodies  Apoorva Bhaskara Benjamin Chen, MD, PhD
Targeting Hippo-Mutant Tumors with Tankyrase Inhibitors and Statins  Kingsley Bimpeh Stuart Aaronson, MD
Reconstructing the Population History of Oceania Using Identity by Descent  Jennifer Blanc Eimear Kenny, PhD
ZIKV Susceptibility Associated with Stat2 Genetic Variation  Jacob Cabrejas Dusan Bogunovic, PhD
Antibody-Dependent Enhancement of Zika Virus Infection Drives Fetal Malformation and Demise  Justin Frere Jean Lim, PhD
Dissecting the Functional Redundancy between the Polycomb Repressive Complexes During Skin Development  Arif Kodza Elena Ezhkova, PhD
Analyzing the Function of the Vitamin D Receptor Transcription Factor in Acute Myeloid Leukemia  Julianna Lee Margaret H. Baron, MD, PhD
Developing a Novel Method for Astrocytic Transdifferentiation from Human Fibroblasts  Alex Macal Legaria Alison Goate, DPhil
Characterizing Hematopoietic Precursors of Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis (Lch) Using a Humanized Mouse Model  Rebecca Mancusi Miriam Merad, MD, PhD
Influential Role of Macrophages in Hepcidin Regulation  Daniel Moskop Yelena Ginzburg, MD
Are Protein Levels Predictable from mRNA Levels?  Alief Moulana Marc Birtwistle, PhD
Exosomal MIR-21 Likely Mediates Human Mesenchymal Stem Cell Paracrine Effects on Human Engineered Cardiac Tissue Contractile Function  Kasoorelope Oguntuyo Kevin Costa, PhD
Role of P2X1 and P2X7 Purinergic Receptors in HIV-1 Infection  Elizabeth Osota Talia Swartz, MD, PhD
Validating the Effect of Rbfox1 Expression on the Regulation of Mapt Splicing in Vitro  Derian Pugh Alison Goate, DPhil
Culturing the Human Microbiome's Most Wanted  Pavitra Ravishankar Jeremiah Faith, PhD 
Functional Roles for Histone Dopaminylation in Cocaine-Induced  Andrew Stewart Ian Maze, PhD


2016 Student Poster Presentations

Presentation Topic



Exploring the Role for Nucleus Accumbens Beta-Catenin Expression in Alcohol Consumption

Roberto Andres Aponte-Rivera

Eric J. Nestler, MD, PhD

Serotonylation: A Novel Histone Modification

Nathan Garner Littlefield Arnett

Ian Maze, PhD and Lorna Farrelly, PhD

Parkinson's Disease-Linked LRRK2-G2019S Mutation Changes Morphology of Spiny Projection Neurons in Nucleus Accumbens

Alexander Conway

Roxana E. Mesias; George W. Huntley, PhD; and Deanna L. Benson, PhD

Investigating the Effect of ABT-737 on Pro-Apoptotic BAS

Stephanie Crowley

Jerry Chipuk, PhD; Mark Luna-Vargas, PhD

Studying Host Factors that Permit Cells to Survive Influenza Virus Infection

Joshua A. David

Jennifer R. Hamilton; Peter Palese, PhD

Validating Alternative Splicing Events Identified through Isoform Sequencing in Post-Mortem Brains

Felicity Joy Emerson

Nancy J. Francoeur; Dalila Pinto, PhD 

Rethinking the Role of Episodic Memory: The Importance of Goal Processing Dependent on Time and Goal Relevance

Kelly Fogelson

Alison Montagrin, PhD; Daniella Schiller, PhD

Seropositivity for West Nile Virus-Specific Antibodies Is Possible Risk Factor for Severe Zika Infection

Justin Frere

Jean Lim, PhD

Screening for Neuroprotective Drugs in a C. Elegans Model of Alzheimer's Disease

Sharon Grace Huang

Charles Mobbs, PhD

Structural Features of the Cancer Mutational Landscape

Molly Johnson

Avner Schlessinger, PhD

Determining the Role of MKNK1 in RET-Dependent Cancer

Matthew Angel Murray

Ross Cagan, PhD and Masahiro Sonoshita, PhD

Epigenetic Dysregulation in Autism Spectrum Disorder

Mohamad Ali Nasrallah

Anne Schaeffer, MD, PhD

The Cellular Substrates of Object Discrimination Learning

Jack A. Olmstead

Paula Croxson, PhD

Cellular Drug Concentration Heterogeneity

Kwadwo Owusu Ansah

Marc Birtwistle, PhD and Alan Stern

Analysis of Striatal Epigenetic Abnormalities in Rats with Parental Delta-9 Tetrahydrocannabinol Exposure

Luisanny Perez

Hennrietta  Szutorisz, PhD and Yasmin L. Hurd, PhD

Validating the Expression Levels of MAPT Exons in Post-Mortem Alzheimer’s Brain Samples

Derian Angell Pugh

Alison Goate, DPhil  and Kathryn Bowles, PhD

Attacking Epilepsy: Comprehensive Cortical Synapse Analysis for Seizure Prediction and Treatment

Praveen Satarasinghe

Patrick Hof, MD

Effect of Delta-9 Tetrahydrocannabinoid (THC) Exposure to NGN2-Induced Neurons

Khalifa Stafford

Kristen Brennand, PhD

Characterization of N6-Adenine Methylation in Human Genomes

Joanna Lynn Urli

Gang Fang, PhD and Kristen Brennand, PhD

Differentiating between Fibroblasts and Mesenchymal Stem Cells

Lamario J. Williams

Gaurav Pandey, PhD and Jason Kovacic, MD, PhD