1. PhD in Biomedical Sciences
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Cancer Biology

Cancer biology is the anatomical and physiological investigation of cancer cells and processes that lead to the initiation and progression of the disease. Our goal for the Cancer Biology multidisciplinary training area is to foster your growth as a committed scientist, skilled in the molecular and cellular biology of this disease group. Our faculty will guide you on your path to pursuing a long-term career in cancer research, where you will be equipped to investigate genome integrity, growth factor signaling, cell fate pathways, including apoptosis, invasion and metastasis, and immune surveillance of cancer cells. 

At the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, we provide an educational environment that encourages rigorous science, open-minded investigation, and measured risk taking. The Cancer Biology training area allows for a personalized approach to cancer biology, as you engage in team efforts to make scientific advances. Our students conduct research that is both comprehensive in scope and which addresses the practical clinical issues faced by physicians in preventing and treating cancer.

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