1. Residencies & Fellowships
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Credential Verification

We are happy to help you with verification requests of your residency and fellowship training. As a first step, please familiarize yourself with our guidelines. Then email our staff with the appropriate request form.

  • Verification of Dates Only: We provide accurate records dating back to 2005, and in some cases, may be able to provide verification of records prior to 2005. For verification of dates only requests, forward our staff a copy of the training diploma. In the event we are not able to verify training, your request will be forwarded to the training program.

  • Competency-Based Verification: For competency-based verification requests from 2015 to the present, please email our staff. For requests prior to 2015, please reach out to the training program’s program administrators directly.

  • Requests Requiring Program Director Signature: For verification requests that require a program director signature (state licensure forms, etc.), please visit our program listings and/or the list of program administrators and contact the training program directly.

We make every effort to complete verification requests within two weeks, and requests are handled on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Verification of Training for Closed Programs

If we are not able to verify training for any closed program, you will be asked to contact the Federation of State Medical Boards directly for information.

Verification of Malpractice Insurance and Claims History

If you have trained in an Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai training program (with the exception of programs based at James J. Peters VA Medical Center) and require verification of malpractice insurance, please contact Elana Abraham (for completions prior to 2019); the Graduate Medical Education (GME) Office (for completion dates after 2019).

For malpractice claims history, please contact Healthcare Risk Advisors.

Certificate Replacement

Should you wish to request a replacement certificate of training (cost $125), please complete the request form. We accept payments via check only, and certificates will be ordered upon receipt of payment. The turnaround time after payment is approximately six weeks.

Public Service Loan Forgiveness Forms

For public service loan forgiveness forms, please reach out to your program with your completed form and request to have Page 2 of the Public Service Loan Forgiveness form. For any questions, please contact the GME Office.