Liver Cancer Fellowship at The Mount Sinai Hospital

The Mount Sinai Fellowship in Liver Cancer will provide an unprecedented one-year training program for fellows to acquire unique expertise in the management of liver cancer by active involvement in both specialized clinical care and clinical/translational research activities within the NCI-designated Liver Cancer Program at Mount Sinai.  Upon completion, trainees will have unparalleled expertise in liver cancer, ensuring a successful career path towards leadership in research and treatment of this disease. It is anticipated that successful fellows will transition to independent junior faculty positions at leading medical centers in the United States and internationally, thereby contributing to a cadre of highly trained physician-investigators focused on research, treatment, and care of patients with liver cancer.


The training program for the Mount Sinai Fellowship in Liver Cancer will comprise two parts:

1. Clinical training: Fellows will participate in the interdisciplinary care of patients with liver cancer (both hepatocellular carcinoma and cholangiocarcinoma) in a range of clinical settings, working alongside the Liver Cancer Clinical Director and expert faculty in hepatobiliary surgery and transplantation, hepatology, oncology, pathology, interventional radiology and body imaging. Fellows will attend and present at weekly interdisciplinary liver tumor board conferences and transplant recipient review committee meetings. Fellows will also observe radiologic and surgical interventions for liver cancer including radiofrequency ablation, transarterial chemoembolization, radioembolization, liver resections, and transplantation to gain first-hand knowledge of each procedure; while not conceived as providing in-depth training in the technical performance of interventions, this aspect of the curriculum is flexible in consideration of candidates’ background and career goals. Fellows will attend the monthly liver Disease Focus Group meeting where clinical trials active in the institution and novel proposals are discussed.

2. Research: Fellows will pursue an independent research project formulated in conjunction with a faculty mentor in the Liver Cancer Program. Suitable projects may be clinical, laboratory-based or translational in nature and will require IRB approval. A mentoring plan will be established in which the faculty mentor, Liver Cancer Research Director and program researchers commit to regular and frequent interactions with fellows to teach, advise, and guide them in the conduct of their research and career development. Fellows will attend and present at weekly Liver Cancer research meetings and works-in-progress research meetings. They are expected to present at the monthly Liver Cancer Program research meeting, and to attend the Annual Mount Sinai Liver Cancer meeting.  Fellows are expected to submit their research findings to appropriate national or international meetings such as ILCA, AASLD, ASCO, etc. and publish their research in peer-reviewed journals.

Types of Fellowships: 

  1. Mount Sinai Liver Cancer fellowship is offered to US citizens or candidates from abroad who have passed the USMLE 1-3 exams. Fellowship will include participation in clinical duties and tasks along with research activity. Funding for this position will be covered by our Liver Cancer program with a salary according to the PGY level plus benefits.

    Applicants must have passed USMLE exams (steps 1-3) and completed residency training in one of the following specialties: Hepatology, oncology, pathology, radiology, surgery.


  2. Mount Sinai Liver Cancer Research Fellowship.This is a special track considered for foreign candidates without USMLE exams. In this case the same program will be offered, but candidates will be engaged as visiting scholars only; they will also develop the planned research activity.  This track will not be funded by the Liver Cancer Program and the candidates’ institution of origin should cover for the salary + benefits in concordance with J1 VISA requirements.

    Applicants must have completed residency training in one of the following specialties:Hepatology, oncology, pathology, radiology, surgery.

How to Apply

Please contact our fellowship program coordinator to submit an application:

Ms. Grace Li
Fellowship Coordinator
Mount Sinai Liver Cancer Fellowship
Icahn School of Medicine
1425 Madison Ave, Room 11-70
Box 1123
New York, NY 10029
Tel: 212-659-9510
Fax: 212-849-2574