Why Choose Mount Sinai

If you love taking care of both adults and children, you are right to consider residency training in Med-Peds. However, picking a program that is right for you can be challenging. Founded in anti-racist principles, our program is designed for students dedicated to primary care and social and racial justice. We are the only Med-Peds program in New York City and draw on the unique attributes of our medical school, hospital system, local community, and city to provide residents with a robust training experience.

Our program is considered by national leaders in medical education to be highly rigorous, providing excellent foundational training in a highly supportive environment with innovative longitudinal curricula and community partnerships.

Beyond academic rigor, our trainees’ wellness is part of the culture of our program and our institution. Med-Peds residents experience an integrated wellness curriculum, have access to a dedicated Wellness Advisor and are scheduled for opt-out wellness visits with a social worker. We also have a robust community of primary care physicians and trainees. It is part of our DNA and institutional mission. This program, along with our Internal Medicine Residency Primary Care Program and Primary Care Institute, is a natural extension of that mission.

Our main hospital’s location in East Harlem, at the intersection of one of the poorest and one of the richest zip codes in the country, provides a robust experience working at the intersection of medical complexity and social marginalization and oppression.

Diversity and Inclusion

The Departments of Medicine and Pediatrics are committed to the fair and equal treatment of all faculty, trainees and staff. We are proud to be trailblazers in our promotion of women, underrepresented minorities and members of the LGBTQ community into leadership positions in both departments and throughout this institution. Our Office of Diversity and Inclusion believes that we cannot be an institution dedicated to excellence without being a champion for ALL its members. This dedication reflects the culture of our institution at large:

  • The Mount Sinai Health System is ranked #1 in health care diversity by Forbes and Diversity Inc.
  • Seven of our health system hospitals have been named leaders in LGBTQ health care equality by the Human Rights Campaign.
  • For the fourth year in a row, the Icahn School of Medicine has been recognized for its outstanding efforts in diversity and inclusion by INSIGHT Health.

Members from both departments actively participate in institutional and departmental diversity councils. These groups work with leadership, faculty, house staff, medical students, and staff at all sites throughout the health system to promote diversity and inclusion.

  • The Department of Medicine works with the People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond to bring CME accredited Undoing Racism Workshop to our campuses.
  • The Department of Pediatrics has formal anti-racist skills workshops for all house staff as part of its academic half-day curriculum
  • Our Med-Peds program runs a home-grown longitudinal anti-racist curriculum for all Med-Peds residents and our residents are involved in teaching anti-racist clinical skills throughout the institution and beyond.

For more information on our institution’s deep commitment to diversity and inclusion please visit The Department of Medicine, The Department of Pediatrics and the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, as well as the Racism and Bias Initiative.