Message from the Program Director

I often get asked two questions:

  1. What do you look for in a resident
  2. What brought you to/has kept you at Mount Sinai

Both questions have extended answers. I will do my best to answer them concisely. I believe that resident physicians are adults. I don’t want to treat them as persons that are stuck in an “educational institution” where they are dictated at and treated as subordinate. Residents are physicians and an important part of the care team. They are employees that have chosen to learn a specific craft/specialty. This is the way I approach a resident, as a person that is coming to me for help, guidance, and that I am training to be my peer. In return I am looking for trainees that are excited to learn about physiatry. I am looking for people that are dedicated to improving the lives of others, have a passion within the field or are looking to find something that sparks a flash in their eyes. If you are hardworking, motivated, genuine in your desire to help others, and a team player then I’ll take you on my team any day.

I am and remain at Mount Sinai because of the people here and the opportunities that Mount Sinai has to offer. I enjoy being the residency program director and helping guide intrepid young minds in hopes of setting many successful careers sail in the right direction. Dr. Herrera is the kind of leader you want to work for and with. He is creative, energetic and enjoys pushing the envelope. He keeps me on my toes, which I need in order to keep pushing myself. We have amazing faculty, therapists, nurses, and more. Our patient care and research programs are the best.

I hope sincerely that every person applying to PM&R matches with his, her, or their first choice. There are several great places to train out there, there just aren’t many like Mount Sinai. 

Miguel Xavier Escalón MD, MPH, FAAPMR
Vice Chair
Department of Rehabilitation and Human Performance
Associate Professor
Department of Rehabilitation and Human Performance
Department of Medical Education

Director, Critical Care Rehabilitation
Residency Program Director, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Director, Graduate Medical Education, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai