The Center for Molecular Integrative Neuroresilience offers the scientific community opportunities to learn more about integrative molecular neuroscience and funds pilot projects and grants to help researchers make discoveries to understand the mechanisms associated with the promotion of neuroresilience.

Funding Opportunity- New Research in Neuroresilience


The next solicitation for Pilot Project applications to the Icahn School of Medicine (ISMMS) NCCIH/ODS Botanical Center on Dietary Botanicals in the Preservation of Cognitive and Psychological Resilience is underway for the 2017-2018 academic year. The Botanical Center requests research proposals for projects that examine a fundamental aspect of the health effects, bioavailability, mechanisms of action, identification and characterization of bioactive compounds, and safety of certain dietary botanical supplements that could be relevant in the strengthening/supporting of cognitive and psychological resilience, memory and/or better understanding the mechanisms associated with resilience to stress.

Principal Investigators applying for the funding opportunity must be full-time tenure or research track faculty at the institutions involved in this Botanical Center (Mount Sinai Medical Centers, Rutgers University, and University of North Texas). Pilot projects will be considered by tenure track and non-tenure track faculty involved in the current Center Grant and with NIH programmatic approval. As pilot programs are expected to be working with the Botanical Center Projects and Cores, applicants are encouraged to reach out and contact the Center Program Director, Dr. Giulio Maria Pasinetti (giulio.pasinetti@mssm.edu) prior to submitting an LOI. 

The LOI consists of a project title, summarizing aims, background, and planned research (2 pages). Applicants must also submit a proposed budget and NIH biographical sketch. The LOI should be submitted electronically to Ms. Risham Singh (Risham.singh@mssm.edu).The deadline to submit an LOI is November 30th, 2017.

Applicant’s proposed budget should be for one (1) year starting at earliest 6/1/18. The project can be awarded up to $100,000.00 in Total Costs. Finalists will be notified by December 15, 2017 and asked to provide a full application package (6 page narrative of the proposal), based on the NIH PHS398 format. Applications are then due on January 15th, 2018.

Please contact Giulio Maria Pasinetti (giulio.pasinetti@mssm.edu) with any questions.

“Flex” Program

The Center offers a "flex" option with another Mount Sinai Center for a physician-scientist—a two year research option, with half of that time spent working in the Center and being mentored ultimately toward a K or F grant from NIH. These grants ultimately provide research training for an individual to broaden their scientific background and extend their potential for research in specified health-related areas.

We are in the process of developing an educational and research collaboration with The Center for Health and Healing (CHH). The CHH currently runs a one year clinical fellowship in integrative medicine with one fellow per year. We will now be offering a "flex" option for this fellowship, which will include a two year clinical/research option, with half of that time spent working in the Botanical Center for Promotion of Cognitive and Psychological Resilience and being mentored ultimately toward a research career and independent grant support. We will be advertising this program nationally through the Academic Consortium for Integrative Health and Medicine, a network of 63 medical schools and five health systems of which ISMMS is an active member. CHH also has a second ongoing program, the Interprofessional Program in Integrative Healthcare, which is a part-time didactic clinical training program for masters-level or higher health professionals. We will actively recruit from this pool of learners for an interest in research, and offer free tuition in our program as part of the package for someone interested in training in research through the Botanical Center. The latter program will hopefully provide a connection to recruit potential researchers from the CAM professions, which would help address a key component of NCCIH's current mission. Finally we are also discussing the possibility of a joint educational symposium organized by our two Centers, which would focus on the translational bridge between the basic science work on resilience taking place at the Botanical Center and the translational research on applying this new knowledge to clinical care taking place at CHH.

If you would like to learn more about the Flex Program, please contact Giulio Maria Pasinetti, MD, PhD, at giulio.pasinetti@mssm.edu, and Benjamin Kligler, MD, at bkligler@chpnet.org, Vice Chair and Research Director of the Department of Integrative Medicine at Mount Sinai Beth Israel.

Administrative Supplement to Improve Diversity of the Research Workforce

The Center is also committed to improving the diversity of the research workforce by recruiting from groups that have been shown to be underrepresented in health related research, including high school students, undergraduate students, and individuals with baccalaureate and master’s degrees, as well as postdoctoral trainees and investigators developing their individual research career. Applicants are encouraged to send their CV and cover letter to giulio.pasinetti@mssm.edu.