Faculty within the Center for Molecular Integrative Neuroresilience at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai actively publish articles in leading journals about research findings related to their work.  

Recent Publications

L. Ho, H. Cheng, J. Wang, J. Simon, Q. Wu, D. Zhao, E. Carry, M. Ferruzzi, J. Faith, B. Valcarcel, K. Hao, G.M. Pasinetti. A comprehensive database and analysis framework to incorporate multiscale data types and enable integrated analysis of bioactive polyphenols . Molecular Pharmaceutics (2017, in press).

L. Ward and G.M. Pasinetti. Recommendations for Development of Botanical Polyphenols as “Natural Drugs” for Promotion of Resilience against Stress-Induced Depression and Cognitive Impairment. NeuroMolecular Medicine 3:487-495 (2016).

C. Jiang, W.J. Lin, M. Sadahiro, B. Labonté , C.A. Tamminga, G. Turecki, E.J. Nestler, S.J. Russo, S.R. Salton. VGF function in depression and antidepressant efficacy. Molecular Psychiatry (under revision, 2017).

M. Docampo, A. Olubu, X. Wang, G.M. Pasinetti and R.A. Dixon. Glucuronidated flavonoids: activities, analysis and approaches for chemical and biological synthesis (2017, in press).

D. Zhao, E. Carry, B. Yuan, J. Faith, L. Ho, G.M. Pasinetti, J.E. Simon and Q.L. Wu. Development and validation of an efficient UPLC-Triple quadrupole-MS/MS method for determination of grape polyphenol-derived metabolites following in vitro fermentation with human intestinal bacteria (in preparation, 2017).

D. Zhao, B. Yuan, E. Carry, J. Wang, G.M. Pasinetti, J.E. Simon and Q.L. Wu. Determination of phenolic acid metabolites in mice treated with grape-derived polyphenols using UPLC-Triple quadrupole-MS/MS (in preparation, 2017).

B. Yuan, D. Zhao, J. Wang, G.M. Pasinetti, J.E. Simon and Q.L. Wu. A rapid and sensitive UPLC/MS/MS method for determination of grape polyphenols and their metabolites in biological samples (in preparation, 2017).

M. Docampo, A. Olubu, X. Wang, G.M. Pasinetti, R.A. Dixon. Glucuronidated flavonoids in neurological protection:  analysis and approaches for chemical biological synthesis. J. Agriculture and Food Chemistry (2017, in press).

Olubu, X. Wang and R.A. Dixon. Identification and functional characterization of flavonoid glucuronosyl transferases from Medicago truncatula (in preparation, 2017).

Olubu, X. Wang, R. Cavasos, M. Docampo, R. Dixon. Activity spectrum of human glucuronosyl transferases against plant-derived flavonoids and related polyphenols (in preparation, 2017).

Wang J , Hodes G, Zhang HX, Zhang S, Zhao W, et al. Epigenetic modulation of inflammation and synaptic plasticity promotes resilience against stress disorder and depression. Nature Communication (Provisionally accepted, under revision, 2017).

Wang J, Ho L, Faith J, Pasinetti GM. Role of polyphenols in gut-brain cross-talking in a model of social defeat. (submitted, 2017).

Kiraly DD, Walker DM, Calipari ES, Labonte B, Issler O, et. al. Alterations of the Host Microbiome Affect Behavioral Responses to Cocaine. Sci Rep. 6:35455 – 35467, 2016.

Pfau ML, Purushothaman I, Feng J, Golden SA, Aleyasin H, et al. Integrative analysis of sex-specific microRNA networks following stress in mouse nucleus accumbens, Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience (in press, 2017).

Heshmati M, Aleyasin H, Menard C, Flanigan ME, Pfau ML, et al.  Cell-type specific role for nucleus accumbens neuroligin-2 in depression and stress susceptibility.  PNAS (in revision, 2017).

Menard C, Pfau ML, Hodes GE, Kana V, Wang VX, et al.  Social stress induces neurovascular pathology promoting depression-like behavior, Nature (in revision, 2017).

Pfau ML, Russo SJ.  Neuroinflammation Regulates Cognitive Impairment in Socially Defeated Mice.  Trends Neurosci, 39:353-355, 2016.

Ménard C, Pfau ML, Hodes GE, Russo SJ. Immune and Neuroendocrine Mechanisms of Stress Vulnerability and Resilience. Neuropsychopharmacology, (in press, 2017).

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Pasinetti GM. Bioavailability of polyphenols and flavanoids in the era of the microbiome and precision medicine.” (Submitted, 2017).

Smith C, Frolinger T, Brathwaite J, Wang J, Pasinetti GM. Stimulation of c-fos activity by IEG-promoting phenolic metabolites modulates optogenetic recapitulation of learned behavior (in preparation, 2017).

Frolinger T, Sharma A, De Boer S, Smith C, Simmons S, Brathwaite J, Wang J, Pasinetti GM. Protein translation dysfunction as a potential target for sleep-deprivation induced cognitive dysfunction (in preparation, 2017).

Ho L, Lachmann A, Rooney R, Maayan A, Pasinetti GM. High-throughput investigation on the combined effects of multiple brain-accumulating phenolic metabolites on adult brain neurogenesis (in preparation, 2017).